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Speeding In Your Lamborghini Urus Could Have Dire Consequences

Key Takeaways

  • The Lamborghini Urus is a powerful luxury SUV designed for high-performance enthusiasts.
  • Driving it over 94 mph could make the hood fly off, creating a huge safety issue.
  • A recall for 2,133 Urus models involves a simple fix to properly secure the hood.

The Lamborghini Urus is a luxury SUV that, like the Bentley Bentayga and Aston Martin DBX, puts performance high on the priority list. It’s designed for enthusiasts who need the versatility of an SUV, but want the power of a Lamborghini.

Urus SE




4.0 V8 Plug-in Hybrid


789 hp


700 lb-ft


8-speed automatic

0-60 MPH

That means that it will likely be driven at high speeds, perhaps even on a track. It’s those high speeds that are the problem as the hood of the Urus could fly off if it’s driven at speeds over 94 mph.

Lamborghini Urus Top

Say Goodbye To Your Hood

There aren’t a lot of places in the US where you can do that legally with the potential for new legislation to crack down on speeding if you give it a try. On a track, however, that’s not even close to as fast as someone could push the Urus. Realistically, people are probably going to hit high speeds regardless of the speed limit, so this is a serious problem.

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The recall covers 2,133 Urus S and Urus Performante SUVs. While that’s a large number, the company says that only about two percent of those vehicles will actually have the defect, but an inspection is required to determine exactly which vehicles are at risk.

Lamborghini Urus Full Front

An Easy Fix

The problem lies in the rivet studs that fix the hood latch strikers. The design process calls for them to deform as a part of normal operation, but if there are low-deformed rivet studs things go wrong. At speeds above 94 mph, the defect could allow air to flow between the hood and the bumper, which might cause the latch to fail completely.


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It’s an easy fix that requires owners bring their cars to the dealer for an inspection and possible repair or replacement of the striker support plate at no charge. Owners will get letters by July 5th, but Lamborghini says misalignment between the hood and fender is a telltale sign of the problem. In fact, that misalignment started the whole thing when there were two warranty claims for the issue. A third claim with a hood actually detaching led to the investigation and eventually the current recall.

Lamborghni Urus Rear

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