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AGTZ Twin Tail Finally Revealed By Zagato And La Squadra

Key Takeaways

  • Zagato and la Squadra’s AGTZ Twin Tail will be revealed in prototype form at FuoriConcorso this weekend.
  • The car reaches 0-62 mph in under five seconds and tops 155 mph but costs $700,000.
  • Zagato will present the 19-unit sports car in long- and shorttail forms.

In February, famed coachbuilder Zagato announced its intentions to create a single car “with two souls,” teasing the AGTZ Twin Tail. This was revealed not long after, but what we were looking at was a scale model, and now Zagato has finished its first full-size prototype for static exhibition at the FuoriConcorso on the shores of Lake Como. It’s the perfect setting because just 19 examples of the novel Twin Tail will be produced, each at a cost of $700,000. For that money, you could buy a GMA T.50 twice over. Then again, the Twin Tail is two different cars in one.

“Our project is dedicated to people that are looking for something more in automotive; people that are looking for something that you can’t see every day on the street; people that are looking at cars through an artistic prism.”

– Jakub Pietrzak, La Squadra Founder

Longtail Or Short

The Twin Tail’s unique selling point is its removable carbon fiber tail, which can be removed or refitted using a custom-made trolley. When not attached, the tailpiece can also be displayed on this trolley. In shorttail form, the sports car measures 169.4 inches in length, swelling to 188.9 inches in its longtail configuration. Zagato has not provided specifics but says that the extended deck lowers the drag coefficient and improves high-speed stability. Moreover, it projects that this could increase top speed, too.

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Speaking of performance, the AGTZ Twin Tail is promised to achieve the 0-62 mph sprint in “under five seconds” and max out somewhere north of 155 mph. If you’re disappointed that there isn’t more concrete information available, just keep in mind that this car went from “design sketches to a fully functional prototype in just 12 months,” according to La Squadra founder Jakub Pietrzak.

Plenty Of Excitement At Lake Como This Year

Zagato will show off both long- and shorttail configurations at the FuoriConcorso on 25 & 26 May. Not far away, BMW will present its new targa concept during the Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza, and its latest Art Car will also be present to add a touch more color to the picturesque Italian city at the foot of the Alps. The Pura Vision design concept by Pininfarina, with its wild roof and doors, will also grace the manicured lawns surrounding the lake and its villas, and it wouldn’t be a shock to see some surprise reveals from other luxury automakers.


BMW Wants Villa d’Este To Become Its Own Monterey Car Week

Como Car Week is poised to become the next big Mecca for automotive enthusiasts.

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