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Tesla Robotaxi Spied In Ad For Tesla Shareholders

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla promoted its upcoming Robotaxi in a video on social media related to the annual shareholders meeting.
  • Quick glimpses showed the interior layout with unique seats and a dashboard sans steering wheel.
  • A last image of the front bumper hints at wild styling inspired by the Cybertruck.

Tesla just released a video on X (formerly Twitter) that appears to show us a couple of glimpses of the upcoming Robotaxi interspersed with messages about the future of Tesla. The two-minute video was released on X and other social media platforms showing a hopeful view of that future and the need to get shareholders to vote yes on a couple of key issues.

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The video encourages shareholders to vote in favor of Musk’s record-breaking compensation package that will see him make $56 billion. The second is to vote in favor of moving the state of incorporation from Delaware to Texas. The video includes clips of Tesla vehicles, Musk speaking at various events, and lightning quick views of what appears to be the brand’s upcoming driverless taxi ahead of its August reveal.

Tesla Robotaxi Screenshot

Some of the images are only on-screen for half a second, but we do get a wonderful few seconds of what appears to be the interior layout of the model. The wooden mock-up shows two unique seats in a sedan silhouette similar to the Model 3 with a basic dashboard in front. The defining feature is the lack of a steering wheel with writing on the wall behind the model giving it away, as it says “NV93 Vehicle Package Side View.”

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“NV93” stands for “New Vehicle 93,” and represents the successor to “NV91” which is the name of the delayed $25,000 Tesla EV. In addition to this mockup, you can also see two designers speaking for a split second at the beginning, looking at images of an interior with two seats, a screen, and no steering wheel.

Tesla Robotaxi Screenshot

Front Bumper Promises Wild Styling

The last brief image is the edge of what looks to be a front bumper, with a black splitter and face, and possibly an aluminum structure indicating styling taken from the Cybertruck. InsideEVs pointed out that in Elon Musk’s biography released last year, he said, “when one of these comes around a corner, people will think they are seeing something from the future,” indicating it will be a departure from the more conventional looks of the brand’s crossovers and sedans.


Tesla Has Produced Its 3 Millionth Vehicle At Its Fremont Factory

Tesla has come a long way since the Roadster.

With an August 8th release date, Tesla is reportedly rushing the model through the design process to get it in front of the world. Before that, expect Summon and Banish to return to vehicles via an OTA update, and say goodbye to Steam gaming on future Model S and X models as the company pivots in a new direction.

Tesla Robotaxi Screenshot

Source: InsideEVs

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