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Tesla Has Produced Its 3 Millionth Vehicle At Its Fremont Factory

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla is celebrating production of its 3 millionth car at its Fremont factory
  • The company has multiple factories worldwide, with Fremont being the most productive.
  • Despite growth, Tesla faces challenges with controversy over layoffs and NHTSA investigations.

Tesla just announced it has produced its 3 millionth car at its Fremont factory in a tweet posted to X on May 18th. The tweet shows employees surrounding the 3 millionth car, a Blue Metallic Model S. The factory produces four of the company’s models – the Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y – and has a maximum annual capacity of 650,000 vehicles a year.

2024 Tesla Model S






670 hp

Fuel Economy

124/115 MPG

This milestone comes just a couple of months after the company celebrated producing its 6 millionth vehicle. These big production numbers come even as potential sales figures are forecast to be seriously diminished compared to years past given the state of the EV industry and production changes at some factories.

The First Of Many Factories

It was back in 2010 that Toyota sold it’s joint-venture NUMMI facility to a small electric car startup out of California. Today, that small startup is Tesla and it continues to prove doubters wrong, It has increasede its pace of production with the 2 millionth car at Fremont rolling off the line just two years ago.

Having produced 3 million vehicles, the Fremont facility is by far the most productive out of all the company’s factories, which now span North America, Europe, and Asia.

Major North America:

  • Tesla Fremont
  • Megafactory Lathrop
  • Tesla Kato
  • Gigafactory Nevada
  • Gigafactory New York
  • Gigafactory Texas


  • Tesla Tilburg
  • Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg


  • Gigafactory Shanghai
  • Tesla Shagnhai Supercharger Factory
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There are many additional facilities around the world that supply these factories as well as offices necessary for the software and design teams. Seeing the list of locations puts into perspective just how much the company has grown.

Growing Pains

Growing quickly can lead to over expansion, something CEO Elon Musk has blamed for its poor performance since the beginning of 2024. This led to thousands of layoffs at facilities around the world, even claiming the jobs of a few executives.

It also faces controversy with NHTSA recalls and investigations frequently in respect to the controversial Autopilot system. Regulatory agencies not only question how well the system works, but have concerns over advertising that doesn’t accurately reflect the limits of the technologies to consumers. Despite these challenges, Freemont has hit 3 million vehicles and shows no signs of slowing.

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