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Driver Takes Hands Off Wheel For Rubik’s Cube Frenzy At 78 MPH

This reckless behavior could easily lead to an accident, especially in a car without any advanced semi-autonomous systems

  • The driver of a Peugeot 307 SW was filmed solving a Rubik’s Cube while traveling at 78 mph oe 126 km/h.
  • The General Directorate of Traffic in Spain shared the video on social media to raise awareness.
  • Distractions are responsible for a large number of fatal road accidents.

Driving on the highway can sometimes be a bit of a snooze-fest, but until fully autonomous cars are readily available, all motorists should have the smarts to keep their eyes firmly planted on the road.

Unfortunately, that’s a lesson lost on a driver from Spain, who was caught red-handed (or should we say, cube-handed?) by a police helicopter, casually playing with his Rubik’s Cube while behind the wheel.

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Contrary to what you may have assumed, this reckless act wasn’t carried out in a vehicle equipped with sophisticated driver-assist systems, but in a first-gen Peugeot 307 SW. The French station wagon made its debut in 2002, so at best, it might have had a simple cruise control, since hands-free driving systems weren’t available at the time in any form for the general public.

The driver can be seen solving the Rubik’s Cube with great passion while discussing with the front passenger. Both of his hands stay off the steering wheel, long enough to potentially cause a serious accident. The traffic camera on the helicopter reveals that the Peugeot was traveling at 126 km/h (78 mph), heightening the danger even further.

Thankfully, this reckless stunt didn’t lead to a high-speed disaster, and law enforcement caught the Rubik’s Cube enthusiast red-handed. Let’s hope this driver now understands that highways aren’t playgrounds for puzzles and keeps their hands on the wheel where they belong.

The video, shared by the official account of the Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (Dirección General de Tráfico), aims to raise awareness about road safety. Despite occurring in 2019, the incident still shocks law enforcement officers, highlighting the sheer irresponsibility of endangering lives behind the wheel.

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According to the police, distractions contribute to 32 percent of fatal road accidents in Spain. Our colleagues at Periodismo del Motor report that using a smartphone while driving increases the risk of getting involved into an accident by four times. Whether it’s eating, checking social media, applying makeup, or solving a Rubik’s Cube, all distractions should be saved for when the vehicle is parked. Stay focused on the road for everyone’s safety.

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