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Ford F-150 Lightning Truck Sales In 2024 Outweigh Major Rivals

Key Takeaways

  • Ford F-150 Lightning leads electric truck sales in March with 2,893 registrations.
  • Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T trail behind the Lightning.
  • Cybertruck sales numbers will likely improve when the entry-level RWD model arrives.

Electric trucks are big business, with just about every prominent truckmaker offering or getting ready to offer a battery-powered pickup. But which one is the most popular? That would be the Ford F-150 Lightning, which is comfortably outselling the new Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T. Citing data from S&P Global, Automotive News reports that the Blue Oval’s electric truck led the segment in terms of March sales.

There were 2,893 F-150 Lightning registrations in March. The Cybertruck trailed behind with 1,158 registrations, while the R1T cooked up a measly 548 registrations. Even though the Lightning leads the field, the sales numbers are still lower than Ford initially expected. In April, the Dearborn-based automaker reduced production significantly, cutting shifts from three to just one.

Strong Cybertruck Sales, But Ford Reigns Supreme

“In its fourth month, the Cybertruck had over a thousand registrations and outsold the R1T by more than two to one,” commented Tom Libby, associate director of industry analysis at S&P Global Mobility. Libby was surprised by this strong performance, noting that it was interesting that the “unique” Cybertruck could do “that type of volume so quickly.”

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S&P uses registration data as Tesla doesn’t disclose sales figures, and Rivian does not publish its sales figures per model. It would appear that pricing has influenced the popularity of these trucks. The F-150 Lightning Pro model starts at $54,995 and is aimed at fleet buyers, government agencies, and businesses. But even the XLT ($62,995) and the new-for-2024 Flash trim ($67,995) are cheaper than an entry-level R1T ($69,900). The Cybertruck starts at $60,990, but this entry-level variant will only be available later.

2024 Cybertruck Side Wilderness

What About The Silverado EV And Hummer Pickup?

Customers are purchasing the $79,990 AWD Cybertruck and the $99,990 Cyberbeast variants. Foundation Series models sell for $119,990. Tesla’s battery-powered pickup is one of the most hotly anticipated vehicles in recent years, with more than one million reservations taken leading up to the launch. We wouldn’t be surprised if sales surge, especially when the entry-level model arrives.


Ford Lost Over A Billion Dollars On EVs Last Quarter Alone

The Model e division posted a loss around $130,000 for every electric vehicle it sold from January to March 2024.

But the F-150 may prove a worthy adversary. The regular ICE-powered model is the best-selling vehicle in America, so it is no surprise that the electric version is leading its segment in terms of sales. As for General Motors, the GMC Hummer EV pickup recorded 192 registrations in March. The Silverado EV didn’t do much better, with 319 registrations, but introducing more trims will do wonders for sales.

Rivian R1T side

First-Quarter Registration Figures

Electric Truck Registrations: Q1 2024

No. of Registrations

Year-on-Year Increase

Ford F-150 Lightning



Tesla Cybertruck



Rivian R1T



Chevrolet Silverado EV



GMC Hummer EV Pickup



As demand for EVs cools, high-priced machinery like these pickups are likely to suffer the most, as reflected in the sales figures. Conventional pickups continue to sell like hotcakes; the F-150 Hybrid recently recorded incredible sales figures, with 8,292 examples sold in April alone. Are consumers ready for all-electric pickups? The sales figures suggest not. Perhaps plug-in hybrid trucks, like the new BYD Shark, are the best solution for now.

Source: S&P Global via Automotive News

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