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Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck To Recieve FSD Next Month

Key Takeaways

  • FSD update massive purported improvements is rolling out to Tesla Cybertruck in late June.
  • Delay in Cybertruck software debut may be due to significant design changes.
  • FSD system still under federal investigation.

If you’ve been anticipating the release of Full Self-Driving (FSD) in the Tesla Cybertruck, company CEO Elon Musk has confirmed it should arrive in the next few months, with a proposed timeframe of late June. As Tesla’s newest model, the lack of features like FSD has been noticeable, even if the company has promised it and other features on the way; this is one of Tesla’s USPs.

The company has been refocusing its efforts on its self-driving software and Supercharging network after disappointing Q1 results that led to mass layoffs. The new versions of FSD will supposedly be massive improvements over previous versions, with Elon claiming “5x to 10x improvement in miles per intervention vs. 12.3”


FSD Is Rolling Out

Replying to Whole Mars Catalog on X, Elon dropped some tidbits of information regarding its upcoming releases. Currently, the company’s software is sitting at version 12.3, and 12.4 is rolling out this weekend with an internal release and limited external beta tests next week.

When probed further, he goes on to say the Cybertruck will debut the software “with 12.5,” finally bringing the advanced SAE Level 2 capability to the brand’s most outlandish vehicle. The delay has likely been due to optimizing the software to the significant design changes the Cybertruck made in comparison to vehicles like the Model 3 and Model X, especially the introduction of steer-by-wire.

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All of these new updates are building off of the major update to FSD that the company released in the fall of last year with V12.1. This system switched to an AI-operated system and discarded more than 300,000 lines of hard code to improve reaction time and capability in complicated situations. There are rumors Tesla has been benchmarking it against LiDAR units, though Elon denies Tesla engages in the practice anymore, despite significant LiDAR investment.

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The System Is Still Mired In Controversy

While this is exciting news for anyone who took delivery of their Cybertruck, the FSD system has been marred in controversy in recent months as the feds are investigating the operation of the software and the confusing claims made about it over the years.

Last week, Elon again took to X to announce that the steering wheel nag system that ensures a driver is paying attention while the FSD system is operated will be “fixed in 12.4.” He didn’t go into any details, but these comments raise some eyebrows given the NHTSA has reopened an investigation into “the adequacy of new Autopilot safeguards following 20 crashes.”


Tesla Cybertruck Loses Real-World Towing Comparison Against Rivian R1S And Tesla Model X

The Cybertruck just doesn’t have the moves where it counts, no matter which way the test is conducted.

Furthermore, the Justice Department is even looking into the possibility Tesla committed fraud by overstating the capability of Autopilot, thereby misleading consumers and investors. This news comes months after court documents unveiled that Elon personally oversaw fabricated early Autopilot videos, which could have given the public a false perception of the capabilities of the system. Hopefully, these updates make these vehicles safer and help to resolve past issues.

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