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Aston Martin ‘Project Rambo’ May Become Rugged Land Rover Defender Rival

Key Takeaways

  • Aston Martin reportedly looking at design proposals for ‘Project Rambo.’
  • New DBX-based SUV could rival Mercedes G-Class and JLR Defender for style and ruggedness.
  • Aston Martin off-roader may be more exclusive than either of its targeted rivals.

A new report from Britain claims that Aston Martin is pondering the introduction of a rugged 4×4 to rival the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and JLR Defender. According to Autocar, Gaydon is evaluating design proposals for such a vehicle but has not yet made a decision on whether to proceed with development. The report claims that this new creation is known as ‘Project Rambo’ internally and that its targets would be “supreme off-road ability with supercar levels of performance and luxury.” The publication also says that if the off-roader makes it to production, only around 2,500 units would be made. With such low volumes, it wouldn’t make sense to develop an all-new platform, and it seems that Aston thinks the same.

DBX Underpinnings Most Likely

An insider told Autocar that a new platform would be unlikely, and that suggests the DBX (now only available in DBX707 form) will be modified to become this new off-roader. Like the Mercedes-AMG G63 from which it would hope to steal sales, the DBX has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 and AWD, but oodles of power and four driven wheels alone are not enough to make it a true rival to the iconic G-Wagen and Defender.

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Should the new luxury off-roader reach production, it could be hybridized, and an electric motor could work wonders in helping prove its chops. What is less likely is a fully electric vehicle, as Aston Martin has pushed EV launches back as demand plateaus. Its first such car will arrive in 2026, however, and this will be a lofty four-seat GT, not unlike the Lamborghini Lanzador concept.

Aston Martin DBX707_6
Aston Martin

Why Aston Martin Could See Value In Project Rambo

Aston Martin is nearing the end of a major product overhaul. The DB11 has been replaced by the DB12 Super Tourer, the DBX has been comprehensively updated, the Vantage has been thoroughly modernized, and the Vanquish replacement’s debut is imminent. With its core products taken care of, the next goal is expansion, and Project Rambo would achieve multiple feats. For one, it would attract new buyers who may otherwise have been averse to the brand, adding a hitherto unseen dimension to the marque. More importantly, it could create a longtime superstar. The Defender and G-Class are beloved for their abilities off the beaten path, but their genuinely iconic designs are timeless, and if Aston can apply its own design language to a monolithic off-roader that is ageless, it will have created a money-printing machine. Even BMW is considering a rugged niche vehicle. That being said, Munich and Gaydon’s apparent hesitance indicates just how difficult it would be to steal sales from these two inimitable legends.


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Source: Autocar

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