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Angry Birds And New Streaming Services Coming To Cars With Google Built-In

Key Takeaways

  • Google to introduce new entertainment features for Google Built-In.
  • The tech company says customers can look forward to Max and Peacock streaming services, as well as Angry Birds.
  • This update will only come to certain vehicles.

Google will soon introduce new updates for vehicles with Google Built-In. Owners of vehicles like the Volvo EX90 and the Nissan Rogue can look forward to several enhancements, including new entertainment apps like Max and Peacock – and even Angry Birds.

There’s no timeline on when this update will arrive, but the tech company says it is coming to “select cars.” That suggests that not all cars with Google Built-in will receive these new functions. Currently, around 40 different models come with Google Built-In. Elsewhere, vehicles with Android Automotive OS will receive Google Cast. Rivian will be the first to implement this feature on the R1T and R1S.

2025 Volvo EX90






496 hp


671 lb-ft

Top Speed

112 mph

0-60 MPH

4.7 seconds


Single-speed Automatic


All-Wheel Drive

Curb Weight

6,213 pounds

New Streaming Apps, Updates To Android Auto

Of course, the streaming apps – which allow you to watch videos – are only available while the car is parked. This is a nice feature to have while your car is charging or if you find yourself waiting in the car for an extended period of time. However, when the vehicle is put into drive, streaming is automatically paused.

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If you don’t drive a car with Google Built-In and have to make do with Android Auto, there are several updates there as well. The Uber Driver app is now available, which allows individuals to accept jobs and get directions on the central display. This will make life a lot easier for Uber drivers, who will no longer have to rely on a small phone screen.

Volvo EX90 3/4 front view

In-Car Gaming Going Mainstream?

Gaming has become increasingly common in the automotive sphere. BMW recently previewed new streaming and gaming functions at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show. Mercedes-Benz has even included TikTok in its new cars, such as the E-Class. Interestingly, the luxury sedan is also available with Zoom and Angry Birds. If you think this is overboard, Ford is working on something that will bowl you over.


Apple CarPlay And Android Auto Receive Useful Upgrades

Improvements and bug fixes are making two popular apps easier to use.

CarBuzz recently discovered a patent for a unique system where the headlights would double up as projectors. This would cast the gaming feed onto a wall or large canvas, providing motorists with a large screen for their games. While it’s a novel idea, it would only work in areas where the feed can be projected. In-car gaming has been around for quite some time, becoming commonplace in Tesla vehicles. Google is constantly innovating and bringing out new features, so we look forward to seeing what features are next in line. It remains to be seen when the new updates (such as Angry Birds) reach vehicles like the Volvo EX90.

Volvo EX90 3/4 rear view

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