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Ironman 4×4 Suits Up New Mitsubishi Triton Pickup For Battle

The midsize pickup gets a bull bar and fender flares, as well as a suspension kit

 Ironman 4×4 Suits Up New Mitsubishi Triton Pickup For Battle

  • Off-road specialists Ironman 4×4 offer a trio of bull bars, fender extensions and a steel rear bumper for the Mitsubishi Triton.
  • The new parts can be combined with one of the tuner’s suspension kits.
  • The lineup will soon expand with more accessories, including a canopy and roof racks.

Mitsubishi knows the strong tuning potential of the sixth-generation Triton/L200, so it was about time that an aftermarket company gave it a more hardcore off-road treatment. Australian tuner Ironman 4×4 introduced the first batch of accessories for the midsize pickup, enhancing its looks and usability.

Bull bars have proven to be quite popular among midsize truck owners in Australia, which is why Ironman 4×4 offers the option between three designs. All of them are made of powder-coated steel and integrate the safety features of the standard pickup.

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The Commercial bull bar is the entry-level offering with mounting points for extra equipment. The Deluxe bull bar is a better-equipped version with extra LEDs, recovery points, and dual antenna mounts already mounted to it. Finally, the Raid bar has a different design, adding cooler honeycomb intakes but without the headlight and hood protection.

A similar treatment has been applied on the rear, with a steel bumper integrating a hitch and recovery points. The profile can be upgraded with fender extensions, ideal for those who ride on bigger wheels shod in wider all-terrain tires. Finally, a range of suspension kits offers the option between nitro gas or foam cell configurations, in light, medium, and heavy-duty variations.

 Ironman 4×4 Suits Up New Mitsubishi Triton Pickup For Battle

If you’re wondering about the cost of the upgrades, the most expensive option is the AU$ 2,561 ($1,691 in current exchange rates) Deluxe bull bar, followed by the AU$ 2,299 ($1,518) Raid bar, and the AU$ 1,934 ($1,277) Commercial bull bar. The fender flares cost AU$ 499 ($330), while the rear protection bar sells for AU$ 1,411 ($952). Finally, pricing for the upgraded suspension kits ranges between AU$ 2,184-3,008 ($1,442-1,986).

The first production batch of Ironman 4×4 accessories for the Mitsubishi Triton / L200 is scheduled for early July 2024. The tuner also announced several accessories currently under development, including a canopy, slide-away, side rails/steps, underbody protection, and roof racks.

Ironman 4×4

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