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Genesis X Dog Is The Ultimate Chariot For Your Furry Companion

Key Takeaways

  • Genesis introduces luxury dog concept for Electrified GV70, catering to pets on the road.
  • Concept module in the trunk includes features like shower, audio system, ramp, and lighting.
  • Genesis aims to differentiate itself from other luxury brands with innovative new concepts.

Genesis has just announced a new concept that may someday soon turn your Electrified GV70 into the ultimate luxury ride for your four-legged friends. Called the Genesis X Dog concept, the company wanted to utilize the serene comfort of an EV to create the perfect space for a dog by adding a one-of-a-kind module to the rear that will pamper your pet before, during, and after travel.

It’s another example of catering to consumers’ love of animals that has been working so well for automakers recently. Tesla’s Dog Mode has become a beloved feature that’s already being copied by many others, and brands like Honda and Ford have released dog accessories that make transport even more of a breeze. Whether you’re buying a Subaru Crosstrek or a Tesla Model 3, automakers are doing more for your pets than ever.

Sitting In The Lap Of Canine Luxury

Studies have shown that dogs are less restless in EVs thanks to their quiet operation and smooth ride, which is why Genesis thought the Electrified GV70 was the perfect starting point for a canine-themed concept.

This all happens in the trunk, where the company has created a module that has everything you’ll need to take care of your best friend, including a Genesis heated dog cushion, built-in shower, Bluetooth audio system, storage compartments, pull-out ramp, and 230V sockets to plug in additional accessories. The company has even created Genesis personalized leather safety collars and harnesses perfect for when you’re on the move.

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If your dog gets a little too dirty at the local dog park, you just take them back to the car and wash them off with the pressurized shower attachment, then quickly dry them off with the included electric hairdryer. On long drives, you can soothe your pet thanks to interior lighting that surrounds the unit that can switch between 100 different colors. Once your journey ends and you’re all safe at home, you can even take the entire module out, wasting no space when it isn’t needed.

Another Way Genesis Is Setting Itself Apart

Genesis will be showing off the concept at select studios this summer, and perhaps, if there’s enough interest, it could even offer it for sale in the future. It’s another example of the brand doing innovative and exciting things as it creates a name for itself against established competitors.


How Genesis Is Doing What Every Other Luxury Brand Since Lexus Has Struggled To Do

The luxury space is incredibly tough to break into, but Genesis has managed while other luxury sub-brands stagnate.

The company has been attempting to free itself from the Hyundai image in recent years by relying less on them, offering more diverse upscale experiences and models in nearly every class that cater to consumers’ desire for combustion or electrification. On top of this, it’s been taking home accolades left and right and is poised to create its new Magma performance sub-brand.

It’s really looking like the company is preparing for global domination, and that means we’re likely to see more fun concepts like this in the future. If you and your best friend let Genesis know that you like this idea, perhaps it will be offered as a dealer option soon. If not, the company will certainly explore other options.

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