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Key Takeaways

  • Everrati converts the Mercedes W113 SL “Pagoda” to electric for a luxurious, silent driving experience.
  • The conversion retains the vintage looks while offering a high-performance drivetrain with two battery options.
  • Electric conversions for vintage cars are on the rise due to owners wanting long-term solutions for their beloved classic cars.

Everrati has unveiled its newest electric conversion project in Monaco, and this time around, it’s set its sights on the sublime Mercedes-Benz W113 SL “Pagoda.” Perhaps the greatest iteration of the SL of all time, the Pagoda’s exquisite looks are sought after the world over by celebrities and socialites who appreciate the elegant timelessness only a classic Mercedes can offer. Now, they can pair the gorgeous looks with the luxury of silent electric propulsion, and the increase in performance is arguably worth the added cost if those well-heeled individuals want to use their vintage Merc regularly.

Evarrati has been making a name for itself in recent years by creating high-end electric conversions for vehicles from the Ford GT40 to the Porsche 911. These conversions have been so successful the company has even started a new B-2-B business that could see it help automakers create electric vehicles of their own, but it has continued to brew some impressive vintage conversions in the background.

Vintage Mercedes Looks Meet Modern Electrification

If interested, a client finds a clean donor car and approaches the company, which then sets about restoring the model to near-concours condition on the inside and outside. The looks are completely unmolested, as this isn’t a conversion meant to be shown off as much as it’s meant to be experienced, though the gauges display new information important to the conversion.

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A bespoke drivetrain comes in two configurations: Standard or Touring. Standard is the more agile of the two trims, featuring a 54.4 kWh battery meshed with a 295-horsepower three-phase AC motor on the rear axle, a single-speed gearbox, and regenerative braking. The company says this setup will offer up to 160 miles of range with a 0-60 mph time of less than 8 seconds.

Opting for the Touring trim gets you extended range courtesy of a 68 kWh battery that returns more than 200 miles on a single charge. Both top out at 124 mph, but the Touring is quicker to 60 mph, with Evarrati saying the sprint takes less than 7 seconds. Period-correct performance and then some in a setup that needs little maintenance.

Electric Conversions Are All The Rage

This conversion is one of many that have popped up in recent years as owners are interested in solutions that will allow them to drive their precious vehicles far into the future. Many of the vehicles are icons, like this and the Jaguar E-Type, which are beloved for their looks and character but come at the cost of complication and degradation that comes with time.


When Is An EV Powertrain Conversion Acceptable?

Is a combustion engine always better, or are there times when the powertrain doesn’t matter?

“This meticulously restored and redefined car is the ultimate two-seater electric luxury grand tourer, a unique proposition which pays homage to the history of the legendary SL ‘Pagoda,’ yet is fully futureproofed, enabling it to be enjoyed today – and in the hands of the next generation tomorrow.”

– Justin Lunny, Everrati Co-Founder and CEO

These conversions give the owner the solution to plenty of problems that can arise with 50-year-old vehicles, with the added benefit that many can be reverted with very minor work thanks to forward-thinking by the converting company. This is the case with this Pagoda conversion, so you can rest knowing your investment is safe.

Yes, the only downside here is the price, which starts at £330,000 ($413,339) before the donor car, which will run you another $100,000 for one in working order. Worth it? We’ll leave that to those who can afford it.

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