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Lamborghini Huracan Successor Coming Sooner Than We Thought

Key Takeaways

  • Lamborghini will reveal a new supercar, likely named Temerario, in August.
  • With this, every model in the range, including the replacement for Huracán, will be hybridized.
  • Exciting technology like active camber control may be included in the new baby Lambo, but torque vectoring is more likely.

The long reign of the V10-powered baby Lambo, one which began with the sensational Gallardo, is coming to an end as SantÁgata produces the Huracan STJ throughout the rest of this year. But it turns out that we won’t have to wait for the winter to see its replacement. Federico Foschini, Lamborghini’s head of sales and marketing, told British publication Autocar that the new supercar, expected to be called Temerario, will arrive in August.

The publication did not quote his exact words, but it’s safe to assume this will be the reveal date, not the start of production. When it does enter production, every current product in Lamborghini’s range – Urus, Huracán replacement, Revuelto – will be hybridized.

“The package itself [is] much better than a normal ICE car. There are characteristics that you cannot achieve if you don’t have an electric motor; it gives you the opportunity to leverage even more on the potential of the engine.”

– Federico Foschini, Lamborghini.

That Sounds Like Torque Vectoring

Foschini’s words above suggest that the new supercar will retain all-wheel drive but will make it happen in a completely different manner. This is expected to mean at least one electric motor on the front axle, which would make sense considering that an all-new eight-speed transmission with no reverse gear was developed at great expense for implementation in the Revuelto.

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Lamborghini will surely want to make a good return on its investment, so electrification with a similar layout to the Revuelto and a cheaper version of its cutting-edge monofuselage chassis would make sense. In the Revuelto, this has a rear subframe made of aluminum, with all the rest of the monocoque made of carbon fiber. In the Temerario, the front subframe could also be cheapened using aluminum without reducing structural rigidity.


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The word “Temerario” is the latest trademark discovered by CarBuzz, and we’re convinced it’s the name of the new baby Lambo.

Potential For Other Exciting Technology

Besides torque vectoring, another exciting innovation is currently being developed by SantÁgata’s engineers, in which active camber and toe control can be enabled on the fly. Those who have tested the system say that it slashes an average of five seconds from a novice driver’s lap time. In prototype form, these ingenious active hubs are powered by a 48-volt system but would be connected to a plug-in hybrid or battery-electric vehicle’s 400V (or higher) electrical system. However, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think this expensive technology would likely be reserved for something more opulent, like the production version of the Lanzador concept, or something more extreme, like one of the inevitable special editions that the new baby Lambo will endlessly spawn. Whatever the truth, we’ll know it all in just a couple of months.


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