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Was This Cop Right To Block ATV Rider Leading To Serious Crash?

The rider went to the hospital with serious injuries but authorities say that the officer protected other bystanders

 Was This Cop Right To Block ATV Rider Leading To Serious Crash?

  • A New Haven Police officer intentionally cut off an ATV rider who lost control and crashed into the car.
  • Authorities say the rider had room to go around the cruiser and that they were protecting bystanders.
  • The ATV rider who was riding there illegally suffered serious injuries.

On a Sunday afternoon, New Haven, Connecticut police were patrolling East Rock Park to curb illegal ATV and dirt bike activity in the area. Upon spotting one, they blocked part of the road, purportedly to safeguard pedestrians. However, the ATV user couldn’t stop and crashed into the vehicle. Now, the rider is dealing with serious injuries and charges related to the incident.

East Rock Park is a 27-acre area with several roads closed to cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes. Despite that, police have received reports of people using those last two forms of travel on the roads there. One such road closed to vehicle traffic in 2020 was the one officers used to begin searching the park. As they did so, they saw an ATV rider approaching in the oncoming lane.

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The officers had just passed a group of park users, including pedestrians and cyclists. Authorities say that in an effort to protect those folks, the officer cut off the ATV rider. Dashcam video from the patrol car shows that the ATV rider loses control, begins to skid, and ultimately slams into the cruiser. The windshield shatters at the force of the impact.

“This is an unfortunate and stark reminder of the extreme dangers of illegal ATV and dirt bike riding on city streets, both for pedestrians and the operators of the vehicles themselves. Our police officers engaged in a potentially life-saving maneuver on behalf of this family that was in harm’s way,” said New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson to WSFA.

“They hear an ATV coming in their direction, they move over to the left side as a way to shield the people behind them… ” Jacobson added. “The officer wasn’t traveling at any speed when the incident happened and then the officer also gave an area of egress, meaning they could’ve gotten around the police car.”

“While we’re glad the family was protected from harm, what happened to the driver is tragic, and we hope for his complete and speedy recovery and we urge the public not to engage in this type of activity,” he continued.

Authorities say that the 19-year-old man is facing charges related to the incident.

Photo credit WTNH News 8

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