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Livestreaming Lunatic Crashes Lambo In NYC After Getting Hit By Entourage

A driver making a name for himself on social media in New York City ended up in an accident caught on live stream

 Livestreaming Lunatic Crashes Lambo In NYC After Getting Hit By Entourage

  • An influencer streaming live from a Lamborghini Urus with a reckless driver captured the moment they were involved in an accident.
  • The super SUV portrayed in the video appears to be a rental car as a tactic to avoid detection by authorities.
  • The location of the start and end of the ride are visible in the film as is the accident scene.

Driving in dangerous and reckless ways amongst traffic and on public roads is garnering a lot of attention lately. One social media user lined up a livestream with a driver who claims to be one of the most wanted in New York. It all appeared to be going to plan until they were hit in traffic by a member of the gang. Let’s break down what we know, what we don’t, and what those seemingly close to the incident claim.

Streamer N3ON posted a video that includes him riding shotgun in a Lamborghini Urus while another social media user going by the name Squeeze.Benz drives. In a 14-minute video, the driver breaks multiple laws including speeding, driving into oncoming lanes, and more.

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At one point, he pauses while others in the group perform donuts on a public street. Those familiar with Squeeze Benz through social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, among others, know that such reckless behavior is typical for him. However, this time, he adds another offense: leaving the scene of an accident.

Near the end of the video, the group is driving through traffic at a high rate of speed and someone in a white Lexus hits the back of the Urus. The driver panics and speeds away from the scene quickly. Shortly thereafter, he lets N3ON out of the car and drives away.

The group included a white BMW sedan along with the white Lexus sedan and video from a trailing vehicle appears to show the Lexus pulling to the side of the road with a badly damaged hood. Video from the Lamborghini itself shows the moment of impact when the Lexus simply can’t stop in time and hits the Urus. The airbags deploy and the Lexus pulls over.

Those in the group claimed on social media that they returned the Lamborghini to its owner with a bag full of cash. If these statements are indeed accurate, although we haven’t been able to confirm them, it implies that the SUV might have been rented. This aligns with a recent interview with Squeeze.Benz where he discussed how he evaded detection, mentioning that renting cars is a part of his strategy.

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For the time being, it appears as though the accident simply serves as proof that nobody is infallible. It’s possible too that it’ll lead authorities to this driver and his band of followers.

Based on the video and correlative data from Google Maps, it appears as though the footage begins at 13705 20th Ave in a Target parking lot and then ends at 111-12 Astoria Blvd. The accident occurs on the Grand Central Parkway just southeast of the LaGuardia airport. If we could figure all of that out with a quick search imagine how close the NYPD could be.

Image Credit: N3ON

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