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Electrify America Has Big Plans To Make Charging Easier

Key Takeaways

  • Electrify America celebrates the 6th anniversary of its first charger with a network of over 900 stations and 4,000 DC fast chargers.
  • It plans replacing 800+ older chargers in 2024 and adding 5,000 new ones to its portfolio.
  • Its data-driven approach ensures strategic charger placement benefitting a higher number of EV owners.

Today, Electrify America marks the 6-year anniversary of its first charging station installation. What started out as a small network of chargers now spans the nation, providing electric vehicle owners with an increasingly robust infrastructure. At the end of 2023, the company had over 900 charging stations with over 4,000 DC fast chargers.


Electrify America Opens First Indoor Charging Facility In California

The company plans to open more in metropolitan areas nationwide.

It also upgraded 680 chargers to provide a better charging experience for its customers. Octavio Navarro, Technology, Product, & Multicultural Communications at Electrify America told CarBuzz, “We plan to accelerate the pace this year with the goal to replace 800+ chargers.”

Electrify America Kia EV9 Charging
Electrify America

Build It And They Will Come

The need for a more robust EV infrastructure is widely acknowledged as a primary objection to those considering their first EV. It’s easy to pull into a gas station because they’re everywhere. If you have an EV in need of charging, it requires more planning, although the availability of chargers is increasing.

“Electrify America is focused on building an inclusive and open hyper-fast charging network to help facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles.” – Octavio Navarro, Technology, Product & Multicultural Communications, Electrify America

It’s not just about the charging stations, but also the number of chargers at each station, how quickly people can charge, and the convenience of charging locations. These factors all play into the charging infrastructure challenge. Even with an increasing variety of EVs from the Kia EV9 SUV to the Rivian R1T truck, if charging is difficult, then people will stick with their gas vehicles.

Electrify America VW ID4 Charging
Electrify America

More In 2024

By the end of 2024, plans call for 5,000 new DC fast chargers. The company also plans to open larger charging stations in an effort to avoid lines. This is especially crucial for EV owners who drive during peak travel times, like holidays. Picking the right locations for these new chargers is key.

“Our data-driven approach for intentional station placement focuses on highway travel and areas with high EV adoption rates, like metro areas, where access to public chargers is in high demand.” – Octavio Navarro, Technology, Product & Multicultural Communications, Electrify America

“Critical to ensuring the quality of Electrify America’s charging network will be the installation of our latest generation of chargers at new stations and early technology stations needing upgrades,” added Navarro. Plans for a larger network with strategically placed chargers and the continued improvement of existing chargers could help increase the rate of electric vehicle adoption across the country.

Electrify America San Francisco Flagship
Electrify America

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