• The head of advertising at Ram has confirmed that another high-horsepower truck is coming.
  • He announced the new trim in a series of revelations about ‘easter eggs’ in a Ram RHO ad.
  • It’s unclear when the new Ram will arrive but it’ll clearly be performance-focused and could even be called TRX.

The new 2025 Ram 1500 RHO is clearly gunning for the Ford F-150 Raptor and it’s doing it with a 540 hp (403 kW) straight-six turbo engine and a price tag of $69,995. Now, Ram’s own head of marketing just revealed that another high-horsepower truck is coming. Perhaps it’s built to go toe to toe with Ford’s even more extreme dinosaur, the F-150 Raptor R.

As part of the Ram RHO launch, the automaker shot a lengthy ad showing off several trims of the 1500. Included in the ad were several ‘easter eggs’ says head of marketing Jeff Summers. He took the time to point out all of them on LinkedIn and one was especially eye-catching.

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In the ad, two dirt bikes join the convoy of Ram trucks. As Summers points out, one has the number ‘540’ on it for the horsepower output of the RHO. He also notes that the other bike has no number on it which alludes to “the next Ram High HP vehicle with three letters.”

To be clear, he doesn’t say that it’ll have more or less horsepower. It’s plausible that it could have the same amount and be more street-focused like the old Ram SRT-10 was. Realistically though, Ram could very well be prepping a new TRX that’ll take on the Raptor R. The truck maker has already clarified that the name TRX isn’t dead like the Hellcat engine itself.

CEO Tim Kuniskis said in 2023 that “This current chapter in Ram’s high-performance trucks is coming to a close, but it’s not the end of TRX’s story.” Frankly, the addition of a new TRX or a modernized SRT-10 sounds great in our book either way.

For now, Ram fans will just have to be patient and appreciate that the RHO undercuts the pricing of the regular Raptor by some $8,000. It does so while also making almost 100 extra horsepower too. Of course, whether or not customers can get the truck for what Ram suggests it’ll cost is another story all by itself.