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Mismatched Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Trim is Not a Good Look

Key Takeaways

  • Some Corvette Z06 owners received vehicles with mismatched carbon fiber trim.
  • The issue was acknowledged by Chevy and a technical service bulletin was issued.
  • Owners will have to wait for correct parts, which dealers will install.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has a price tag of up to $200,000 and is loaded with premium features. It’s the stuff of dreams, just like the upcoming Corvette ZR1, but for some owners, that dream became a bit of a nightmare. As seen on the HorsePower Obsessed YouTube channel, there is an issue with mismatched carbon fiber trim pieces.

This particular Corvette Z06 has the Z07 performance package with pretty much everything you can option. It looks fantastic, until you take a closer look at the carbon fiber bits. You’ll see carbon fiber on the roof, wheels, diffuser, and side mirrors, but when you get up to the front, that’s where things go wrong.

Mismatched Parts

One of the main carbon fiber features on the Corvette is the splitter. It catches your eye when you look at the vehicle, but on this example it does so for all the wrong reasons. Instead of being carbon fiber like the rest of the trim, it’s carbon flash. This has a solid black appearance as opposed to the black and gray pattern that’s instantly recognizable as carbon fiber.

Unless you’re looking and know that it’s wrong, it’s not a glaring problem. But, it is still a problem. This owner noticed and immediately brought the situation to the dealer’s attention.

HorsePower Obsessed

An Easy Fix

The dealer went directly to Chevrolet, which was aware of the problem and had already sent out a technical service bulletin (TSB). Owners who do run into this issue can opt to have their vehicle delivered and fix the problem later or delay the delivery so their Corvette arrives with all the right parts in place.


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A service update has already been sent to dealerships.

This owner took delivery and is waiting for his carbon fiber splitter to arrive for dealer installation. Unfortunately, the part is currently on backorder, possibly for a few weeks, but at least the fix is an easy one that doesn’t impact his ability to drive the car.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Trim Issue
HorsePower Obsessed

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