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UAW Preps Strike At Stellantis’ Michigan Plant Over Safety Concerns

The UAW claims that Stellantis has failed to address workers’ grievances at the Warren Stamping Plant

 UAW Preps Strike At Stellantis’ Michigan Plant Over Safety Concerns

  • Workers at Stellantis’s Warren stamping plan say the automaker has failed to address their health and safety grievances.
  • As a result, the UAW will hold a vote to authorize a strike on Monday, May 6.
  • If approved, 1,100 workers could halt operations at the plant, affecting Stellantis production across North America.

The United Autoworkers (UAW) union has announced that it will hold a strike authorization vote at Stellantis’ Warren Stamping Plant in Michigan over health and safety grievances workers say are going unresolved.

“We’re standing up for health & safety at Warren Stamping,” said UAW Local 869 President Romaine McKinney III. “When it rains, the facility floods because the ceiling is leaking. We have to fight for every single pair of work gloves, while we handle metal and materials to build world class vehicles for Stellantis. The list goes on, and we’re putting an end to it.”

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The UAW alleges that there are a wide variety of issues at the facility, including problems with ventilation fans, the ergonomic mats, a lack of personal protective equipment, lighting and flooring in the basement, oil leaks, sanitation, flooding, and more. Stellantis did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

If a strike is approved, around 1,100 workers could halt operations at the stamping facility, which sends parts such as hoods, roofs, lift gates, side apertures, fenders, and more to assembly plants across the continent. A work stoppage could affect production of Ram trucks, as well as the Jeep Wrangler and Wagoneer.

 UAW Preps Strike At Stellantis’ Michigan Plant Over Safety Concerns

Stellantis is in the midst of a number of disputes that threaten to affect production in North America. The automaker is also feuding with its suppliers, against which it has taken a stern bargaining position, and refused to negotiate on pricing.

That has led the automaker to become embroiled in a trio of lawsuits. Some argue that the bad blood has emerged since Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot came together to form Stellantis. With more decisions coming from its headquarters in Paris, the company’s relationships with collaborators on the American side of the ocean have soured.

Stellantis is also working to keep costs down, as it faces competitive pressure and uncertainties in the market. That led it to lay off 400 white-collar workers in the U.S. late last month. However, the automaker received criticism after its CEO, Carlos Tavares, received a 56 percent raise in 2023.

 UAW Preps Strike At Stellantis’ Michigan Plant Over Safety Concerns

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