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Jeep Recon EV Might Get Hybrid Option

Originally touted as an electric vehicle only, the Recon could get a hybrid or plug-in hybrid variant.

Key Takeaways

  • Jeep is moving towards electrification with plug-in hybrid models and fully electric options including the upcoming Wagoneer S.
  • CEO Antonio Filosa hinted that the upcoming electric Recon could be available as a hybrid.
  • Many automakers are reassessing their EV plans as the pace of electric vehicle sales slows.

The Jeep brand is slowly moving toward electrification. The first step was the introduction of the plug-in hybrid Wranger 4xe along with a network of chargers at Jeep Badge of Honor trailheads across the country.

Available Years

2024 Jeep Recon




400 hp

Next up was the Grand Cherokee 4xe for those with larger families who wanted the Jeep experience in electrified form. The first fully electric Jeep is the upcoming Wagoneer S, which is due late this year. It will be followed by the smaller, off-road focused Recon coming in 2025.

Jeep Recon Rear

A Plug-In Possibility

While the Wagoneer was already available with a gas engine and continues to be a part of the lineup along with the Wagoneer S, the Recon was announced as an EV only. No other powertrain was planned, but recent remarks made by Jeep Brand CEO Antonio Filosa hinted at the possibility of a hybrid version of the Recon. We reached out to Jeep for details on upcoming powertrains to see if it could offer any clarity.

“Multi-energy propulsion is core to the Jeep brand’s ‘freedom of choice’ customer strategy, and we will continue to evaluate the right powertrain offerings, for the right products and the right markets.” – Antonio Filosa, Jeep Brand CEO.

That’s not a confirmation of what may be happening with the Recon specifically, but it is confirmation that the brand isn’t focusing on one thing single-mindedly. It leaves open the possibility for gas, hybrid, and electric versions of Jeep vehicles all depending on the market and, more importantly, the wants of consumers.

Jeep Recon Doors Off

Rethinking Electrification

The possibility of a hybrid Recon comes as many automakers are rethinking their EV strategies. Lincoln recently slowed its EV rollout to better align its products with customer demand while Ford put some EV plans on hold in favor of hybrids


Tesla Cuts Prices To Combat Declining EV Sales

Electric vehicle giant Tesla isn’t immune to plummeting EV sales and the rise of Chinese imports and, in response, is cutting prices across the board.

Fiat, which is a part of the Stellantis group along with Jeep, announced a gas version of the 500e is in the works just as it relaunched its small electric car for the US market. While electrification is still a part of the Jeep strategy, including a variety of powertrains is a priority.

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