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$1.3-Million McLaren Senna Crashes Into Building While Trying to Show Off

Showing off for the camera while behind the wheel of a supercar is never a good idea. The driver of this 789-horsepower McLaren Senna found out the hard way after losing control on a public street in California, smashing into a building and causing serious damage.

Video published across social media on early Monday morning shows the Senna rolling down Ventura Boulevard in the Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles, California, before performing a donut for a crowd standing in the middle of the street. The Senna proceeds to peel off down the road before losing control and swerving into the curb in front of a Lexus dealership.

The video, published to Reddit, cuts to the aftermath of the crash, and it’s not pretty. The front end is smashed into the exterior of the dealership, leaning up slightly against a Toyota Camry that was parked outside. The entire front clip is pushed in, the passenger-side door is ajar, and the front right wheel is pushed backward and outward.


It’s unclear who was driving this Senna at the time of the crash. According to Reddit user slattdemon99, the video’s publisher, Edmond “Mondi” Barseghian was at the wheel. Barseghian, a YouTuber, went viral in early 2023 for totaling his Hummer EV after driving it for just nine miles. 

In a video published to Barseghian’s channel four days ago, he can be seen taking delivery of what looks to be the same Senna, driving it quickly on public roads and describing it as “legit scary fast.” Photos of the car also appeared on his Instagram story as recently as Sunday afternoon. 

Considering this Senna’s value, it’s unlikely to be totaled by the insurance company. But the car certainly won’t be cheap to fix, especially if there’s damage to the carbon fiber monocoque. We hope whoever drives this McLaren next treats it better than the last person.

Hat tip to Jonathan Harper!

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