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High-Performance Kia EV9 GT Coming In January 2025

Key Takeaways

  • Kia EV9 GT will be revealed in January 2025.
  • GT variant to feature dual-motor setup, with acceleration to 62 mph taking less than four seconds.
  • Improved handling thanks to improved suspension and braking.

The much-anticipated Kia EV9 GT, the high-performance variant of the automaker’s three-row SUV, will be revealed in January 2025. At Kia’s recent CEO Investor Day, the company’s executive leadership laid out plans for the near future, which includes the launch of the range-topping EV9.

2024 Kia EV9






215 hp

Kia says the GT variant will receive a dual-motor setup, enabling it to reach 62 mph in less than four seconds. That means we can expect serious power. Currently, the most potent model (GT-Line AWD) delivers 379 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to reach 60 mph in five seconds flat. That means the new model will be more than a second quicker to 60 mph. We expect around 600 hp and around 550 lb-ft of torque.

Handling And Range

But it won’t just be quick in a straight line. Kia promises enhanced driving dynamics thanks to under-the-skin improvements. The EV9 GT will wade into battle with a “reinforced suspension and electronic braking system” to increase stability at higher speeds. Kia likens the performance to an SUV but says the handling will be more in line with a sedan or crossover. We’ve already seen the EV9 GT testing at the Nurburgring, which suggests Kia is honing the dynamics to make it more entertaining.


600-HP Kia EV9 GT Coming Sooner Than Expected

The Korean brand wants to make the EV9 even more exciting.

There’s no mention of how the increased performance will impact the range. However, we’re guessing buyers will have to sacrifice practicality in the pursuit of rapid acceleration. Currently, the Light Long Range AWD offers the best-claimed range (304 miles) but has just 201 hp. As a result, 0-60 mph takes a pedestrian 8.8 seconds. Comparatively, the GT-Line has a reduced range of 270 miles. We’re not sure whether Kia will fit a bigger battery, but buyers at the top end of the segment demand performance and a decent range.

Subtly Updated Styling And A Bigger Price Tag

Already an eye-catching SUV, we anticipate the EV9 GT will benefit from subtle updates to make it sportier. That being said, customers shouldn’t expect much, as the EV6 GT and the EV5 GT look similar to lesser models. The EV9 GT won’t be the last Kia electric vehicle given the GT treatment; the brand says it has “plans to continue releasing GT trim variants of its EV models.” Perhaps this means the upcoming EV3 crossover will also receive a sporty GT model. Furthermore, the performance and comfort of existing models will be consistently improved through over-the-air updates.

Getting back to the EV9 GT, we expect this to be Kia’s most expensive model yet. As the GT Line AWD is already $73,900, we won’t be surprised if the GT model gets near the $90,000 mark. That places it within the same class as BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla offerings. Whether buyers will be willing to overlook those brands for something like the EV9 remains to be seen.

Kia EV9 GT 3/4 front view


What Else Is On The Horizon For Kia?

Elsewhere, Kia has plans to update the rest of its lineup. Starting with the electric vehicles, the EV6 is due to receive an update, with a reveal scheduled for later this year. The hotted-up EV6 GT will follow in the fourth quarter of 2024. The compact EV3 will arrive in Q3.


LEAKED: Kia EV5 GT Design Revealed Ahead Of Official Debut

With 313 horsepower and sharp styling, the EV5 GT is sure to be a hit when it reaches its target market.

As for the more traditional ICE vehicles, the Sportage will receive an update at the end of 2024, while the new K4 is expected to arrive in the third quarter. Kia has also said it will implement numerous upgrades to its ICE-powered vehicles, such as AI assistance to improve fuel efficiency. It’s worth noting that Kia also has plans to introduce more hybrid and PHEVs in response to reduced demand for battery-electric vehicles.

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