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$50,000 Hood? McLaren F1 GTR Parts Up For Sale

Assuming you don’t have a McLaren GTR, how would you repurpose these extremely rare race car parts?

 $50,000 Hood? McLaren F1 GTR Parts Up For Sale

  • Spare parts from a legendary McLaren F1 GTR race car (chassis 06R) are now available for purchase.
  • These parts include significant pieces from the car’s historic 3rd place finish at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, like the hood and bumper
  • Other parts, including headlights, radiators, and a carbon fiber air intake, are also for sale.

Buying old new-stock racing car parts isn’t something that many folks have any interest in or need for. In this case, though, we bet some wealthy enthusiasts would be willing to snatch up some of these parts, given a bearable price point—well, bearable for someone who owns supercars, that is. That’s because they’re from McLaren F1 GTR chassis 06R.

McLaren F1s on their own don’t come up for sale very often. The racing version named the GTR pops up even more seldomly. Still, what’s even harder to find are spare parts for the GTR but low and behold, that’s exactly what we’ve found. For sale in the UK through Infinitous, these parts include both new and used pieces.

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Perhaps most important are the hood and rear bumper from the 06R chassis. Each is the original part which is significant because it means that they were on the car when it achieved third overall at the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans. That same year, McLaren won its first Le Mans with another F1 GTR taking the victory and two others filling four of the top five spots in the final results.

Of course, these parts don’t come cheap. The hood will set one back £40,000.00 (equal to about $50,000 at current exchange rates) and the bumper has a price of £20,000.00 ($25,000). Some of the other parts available are a tad more digestible in terms of their overall cost, though they aren’t as recognizable or significant.

They include a pair of headlights, a pair of upper suspension wishbones, radiators, and even a single lower control arm wishbone. Those items cost between £4,000 and £5,000 ($5000-$6,250). Finally, there’s a carbon fiber intake available for £20,000 ($25,000). Like several of the available parts, it’s a spare and includes the build dates and serial numbers on the intake itself.

All of these could be the perfect way to spruce up a one-percenters garage. If it were up to us they’d get a second life on the track, but it could also be fun to turn one into a coffee table, bar table, or use some of the suspension parts as legs for such a piece of furniture.

Those interested in filling their shop with any of these parts can investigate further over at Infinitous. How would you put these parts to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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