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Nissan Unveils Four New Electrified Concepts At Auto China

Key Takeaways

  • Nissan introduces two electric and two PHEV concepts at Auto China.
  • No word yet on whether these concepts will reach the production stage.
  • Nissan aims to cater to a diverse range of customers in the rapidly growing Chinese EV market.

Nissan has unveiled four new electrified vehicles at Auto China (Beijing Motor Show), underscoring its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly vehicles for the Chinese market. Co-developed with local partner Dong Feng, the concepts preview what Nissan has planned for the future. The names of these concepts are Era, Epic, Evo, and Epoch, three of which were accurately predicted by CarBuzz in February this year.

Two electric vehicles and two plug-in hybrids show the automaker is taking a varied approach to electrification, essentially acknowledging that battery-electric cars are not for everyone at this time. Aside from purchasing costs, EVs are impractical in many regions, so the plug-in offerings will cater to a wider range of consumers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these handsomely styled concepts.

Nissan Epoch Concept

While sedans have fallen out of favor in Europe and the United States, they’re big business in China, where customers value rear legroom and the traditional body style. The Epoch is a preview of a stylish electric sedan for “urban and suburban go-getters” who want the very best technology and design. Nissan says the Epoch is equipped with a virtual personal assistant that can recognize emotions and, therefore, make life easier for passengers. The Epoch is also equipped with an AI-expanded Internet of Things, a network that helps the communication of devices and the cloud.


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Nissan Epic Concept​​​​​

This all-electric SUV is aimed at adventurous individuals and boasts an autonomous mode for city and highway driving. When venturing off the beaten path, the Epic can be used as a power source, ideal for camping or to power certain bits of equipment. Despite the adventurous character Nissan is pushing, the Epic boasts an upmarket interior with a large screen that spans the width of the fascia. As with the Epoch, we expect some of the design cues and ideas to be toned down should these vehicles ever reach production.

Nissan Era Concept

For those not ready to go fully electric, the Nissan Era offers the best of both worlds with its plug-in hybrid setup. Again, not many details have been shared, but the automaker notes the Era is equipped with e-4ORCE all-wheel drive and active air suspension. The luxurious interior features an interconnected entertainment system and zero-gravity seats. Together with the air suspension, the Era Concept should be wonderfully comfortable on the long road.


Nissan and Mitsubishi Team Up on Electric Pickup

The two automakers are working together to launch electrified pickups.

Nissan Evo Concept​​​​​​​

With a liftback design and upmarket styling cues, the Evo Concept could very well be the electrified Maxima of the future. This plug-in hybrid sedan has a tastefully appointed interior with a prominent center console and central touchscreen. It, too, has an AI-enriched voice assistant, as well as driver assistance and safety features. Sadly, Nissan has not divulged information regarding the electric drivetrains of these vehicles, but we expect more details to follow, especially as these vehicles edge closer to production.

Will These Vehicles Ever Reach Production?

Nissan Epic, Era, Evo, And Epoch groupshot

​​​​​​​Nissan hasn’t confirmed whether these vehicles are destined to hit the road, but even if they don’t, styling cues seen here will likely make their way to PHEVs and EVs that you and I can buy. Well, in China, at least. In the hotly-contested Chinese EV market, foreign brands have to act quickly to ensure they don’t lose market share to brands like Nio, BYD, and Zeekr. As such, Nissan will focus on expanding its offerings in China by ensuring it caters to as many customers as possible.


Nissan Teases 30 New Cars In Three Years

Nissan has revealed its new product roadmap, and it includes a variety of body styles with several powertrain offerings.

Rivals like Mazda have responded by introducing the classy EZ-6, a new sedan available with plug-in and electric drivetrains. Toyota is also expanding its growing range of Chinese EVs with the bZ3C and bZ3X. In the US, customers can choose from the Ariya or Leaf, but Nissan has plans to offer more than 30 new vehicles before 2030. Seven of them will come to America, including e-Power models and more battery-electric cars.

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