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Volvo Crashed Its Biggest SUV into Its Smallest in the Name of Safety

We’ll admit the idea of a large SUV hurling into a relatively small car sounds absolutely terrifying. As scary as that seems, Volvo is confident you can still get out safe and sound following a side impact. At its safety center in Torslanda, Sweden, the Geely-owned brand set up a crash test with models positioned at opposite ends of the lineup.

At just 166.7 inches long, the EX30 is the smallest model Volvo sells. It weighs a little 4,034 pounds in its entry-level guise before you start adding equipment. The EX90 is an electric behemoth, stretching 198.3 inches and tipping the scales at 5,928 pounds in its lightest form. Automotive News Europe was invited to see what happens when the Swedish automaker’s biggest vehicle T-bones the smallest.

It’s worth noting the EX90 was doing 31 mph while the EX30 was traveling at 12.5 mph when the impact occurred. Speaking of speed, all Volvo models have been electronically capped at 112 mph since 2020. Inside the more vulnerable SUV were two small-sized women on the side of the vehicle the flagship Volvo crashed into.

Lotta Jakobsson, Senior Technical Specialist, Injury Prevention, explained in an interview with AN how the EX90’s construction reduces the risk of causing injuries to those inside the EX30. The bigger SUV’s lower part of the front structure interacted with the side structure of the smaller vehicle to better absorb the forces of the crash.

Since both are brand-new SUVs, neither the EX30 nor the EX90 has been tested yet by Euro NCAP or the NHTSA. We’ll be surprised if the two SUVs will score anything below the maximum rating. Volvo’s mission is not only to make its cars safer in the event of a crash but to eliminate the likelihood of an accident. It’s part of the Volvo Group Safety Vision about how accidents are preventable.

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