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Nissan Previews 4 New Electrified Models For The Chinese Market

Nissan showed the Epoch and Evo sedans, alongside the Epic and Era SUVs , developed in collaboration with Dongfeng

 Nissan Previews 4 New Electrified Models For The Chinese Market

  • Nissan will launch five new electrified models in China by 2026, four of which were previewed by concepts at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show.
  • The Epoch sedan and Epic SUV feature fully electric powertrains, while the Evo sedan and Era SUV are plug-in hybrids.
  • The production models will be locally manufactured by Dongfeng, featuring high-tech interiors and AI-backed virtual assistants.

Nissan stormed the 2024 Beijing Auto Show with four new concept cars previewing an equal number of production vehicles for the Chinese market as part of its joint venture with Dongfeng. The Epoch sedan and the Epic SUV have fully electric powertrains, while the Evo sedan and the Era SUV are plug-in hybrids.

The automaker also confirmed it will introduce five new Nissan-branded NEV (EV + PHEV) models in China by 2026, which is one more than previously announced. The range expansion is part of “The Arc” business plan which was detailed one month ago.

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Starting with the Nissan Epoch Concept, it is a fully electric sedan designed for “urban and suburban go-getters”. The model looks like a Tesla Model 3 competitor, featuring a sleek bodywork with minimalist surfacing and modern split LED headlights. The Epoch is packed with AI technology, featuring a virtual assistant that recognises emotions.

The Nissan Epic Concept is a fully electric SUV targeting “adventurous city couples who explore on weekends”. The Qashqai-sized EV offers autonomous driving for the city and the highway. It can also function as a mobile power source, making it suitable for camping. The interior has a triple screen layout, a perfume dispenser, and comfy seats with cushions for the rear passengers.

Nissan Epoch Concept

Nissan Epic Concept

The second sedan of the group is the Nissan Evo Concept, although it has no connection to the rally-derived Mitsubishi from the same alliance. It has a plug-in hybrid powertrain and is destined for “weekend getaways” with the family. The design is more aggressive featuring a heavily sculpted nose, toned-up shoulders and cool-looking taillights.

We also get to see the minimalist interior with a Tesla-style free-standing infotainment display, a high-mounted center console, and beautiful surfacing surrounding the cabin. Nissan mentioned the ADAS and safety features of the Evo concept alongside the AI-enhanced virtual personal assistant.

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Finally, the Nissan Era Concept is a plug-in hybrid SUV for “young business-people who treat their car as a second home”. The profile, tail, and interior design appear to be largely shared with the Epic Concept from above, but the Era Concept adopts a redesigned face making it look more rugged. The PHEV powertrain is combined with Nissan’s e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive system and an active air suspension for a comfortable ride.

Nissan Evo Concept

Nissan Era Concept

All four concepts will reach production by 2026, alongside an additional NEV (New Energy Vehicle) models which has yet to be described. Nissan didn’t give away details about the underpinnings of the concepts which are likely closely related. Dongfeng will be responsible for production in its local factories, confirming Nissan’s new motto for the region: “In China, for China”.

As part of increasing its competitiveness in the Chinese market, Nissan will launch a new “Excitement by Ni” campaign. Furthermore, the automaker will form partnerships with “leading companies” for the development of AI-based systems and services.

As part of “The Arc” business plan, Nissan’s goal is to sell 200,000 more vehicles per year in China by 2026, contributing to a global annual sales increase of 1 million units.

 Nissan Previews 4 New Electrified Models For The Chinese Market

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