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World’s First Twin-Turbo Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Grabs Quarter-Mile Record

Key Takeaways

  • Boost District built the world’s first twin-turbo E-Ray Corvette, reaching quarter-mile times in the 9s.
  • The company focused on maintaining the vehicle’s stock appearance while achieving high power.
  • The build boasts over 1,000 hp with minimal modifications, demonstrating the potential of electrified systems.

A shop out of Texas has just built the world’s first twin-turbo E-Ray Corvette and immediately took it to the drag strip running quarter-miles in the 9s. The model was built with the goal of keeping as much of the vehicle stock as possible to prove that you don’t need to Frankenstein your electrified C8 to get absurd power. Then, once it was finished, the crew immediately took it to the drag strip to prove their build could hold up to the stress and join its twin-turbo V8 brethren.

Boost District is a shop known for its supercharger builds, offering solutions for a bunch of GM vehicles like the CT5-V Blackwing and Chevrolet Silverado. The company prides itself in creating solutions that aren’t going to ruin the look of your vehicle while producing stupid amounts of power, and these new E-Ray builds are setting the tone for the electrified era.

The Build

Before we get to the ridiculous runs the E-ray pulled, we need to discuss what went into it. We don’t know exactly why a supercharger shop decided to take on a twin-turbo E-Ray build, but the crew behind it was unbelievably dedicated to the task at hand, completely dropping the engine (which we’re told isn’t necessary for a customer build) to ensure proper fitment of everything.


World’s First Supercharged Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Makes Ferrari Power

Lingenfelter has a long history of making Corvettes go insanely quick, and the E-Ray isn’t going to buck that trend.

The engine is running the stock cam, stock heads, and stock ECU to prove you wouldn’t have to tear everything apart to make a system like this, and it’s still direct injection not to overcomplicate things. The shop then added a heavy-duty Dodson clutch, Lingenfelter forged pistons, a heat exchange kit, a blowoff valve, 6466 Precision Turbos, an ETS cooler, a Lingenfelter fuel system, downpipes, new exhaust tips, and a few other bits and pieces to make it all work.

Boost District Twin-Turbo E-Ray
Boost District

None of the electrical system was touched other than an ECU tune and extra wiring to the fuel system. This means the vehicle still produces 160 hp and 122 lb-ft of torque from the battery/motor combo, and can drive on electric-only power at low speeds.

The group spent two weeks, running 18-20 hour days putting it all together, and in the end, it’s estimated to produce well over 1,000 hp and plenty of torque, though it hasn’t hit a dyno yet. The hope was that it would be finished in time for a drag racing event so they could see their work in action and – spoiler alert – it was worth the wait.


The Father Of The Modern Chevrolet Corvette Calls Time On A Special Career

Tadge Juechter has been working his magic on the Corvette since the C5.

The Passes

It was one thing to build the first twin-turbo E-Ray in the world, but it’s another to take it to the drag strip and show it off immediately. Along with the E-Ray, the tuners also brought along a supercharged C8 to compare. With hopes of pulling out a sub-10-second run, the crew prepared the car. There wasn’t much to do besides a little tuning and ensuring the launch control was activated correctly, then it was lights out, and away we go.


World’s First Supercharged Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Makes Ferrari Power

Lingenfelter has a long history of making Corvettes go insanely quick, and the E-Ray isn’t going to buck that trend.

In just the first run, they were able to pull out a 9.88-second quarter-mile at 148 mph, making history as the first sub-10-second twin-turbo E-Ray built in the world. After this, it was just for fun, but in the second run, the group was able to pull out an even lower time, 9.6 seconds at 144. A few more runs were attempted, but none were able to beat this time, although some wheelies were achieved along the way.

To put this in perspective, a stock E-Ray can pull out a quarter mile in 10.6 seconds at 128 mph. This means the group was able to arrive in a second faster, and there’s hope that with more tuning, a better time can be achieved.

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