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The Mercedes G-Class Electric Weighs 6,801 Pounds

When Mercedes said the G-Class was “stronger than time,” it wasn’t kidding around. We all expected the electric version to be the heaviest of the Geländewagen flavors. We just didn’t know by how much. While the curb weight for the (takes deep breath) 2025 Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology isn’t listed for the American model, its Euro cousin tips the scales at 6,801 pounds.

Surely there can’t be much of a difference between the two. Here’s how the electric G-Class stacks up against the regular versions of the off-roader with combustion engines. We’ve decided to include the diesel model as well, even though the oil-burner is not sold here in the United States. All listed numbers are for the G-Class sold in Europe where there’s a G500 instead of America’s G550.

Model Weight Difference
G580 with EQ Technology 6,801  
AMG G63 5,820 -981
G450d 5,632 -1,169
G500 5,478 -1,323

Another important number missing from the US-spec version we discovered in the Euro release is range. That massive battery pack with a usable capacity of 116 kWh provides the electric G-Class with a maximum range of 294 miles. However, that number is based on the WLTP cycle. We can safely assume the EPA rating will be lower. We don’t know by how much, but we’d reckon by at least 10 percent.

US pricing will be revealed later this year. However, we do know the G580 starts at €142,621 in Germany. That makes it more expensive than the G500 (€132,328) but cheaper than the AMG G63 (€189,329). Similarly, we’re expecting the American model to slot between the G550 and the G63. Pricing for the 2025MY Gs hasn’t been disclosed. However, the old ones were $144,150 and $184,150, respectively. They’re probably more expensive now.

Perhaps the electric G will kick off from roughly $165,000 in the US. That being said, for the 2025MY, the G580 will be sold in America strictly as an Edition One with all the bells and whistles. It costs an eye-watering €192,524 in Germany, making it about €50,000 more expensive than the standard model. Could it be the American one will get close or even exceed the $200,000 mark?

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