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Porsche F.A.T. 919 Snowcat Is The Coolest Snowmobile You’ll Ever See

Key Takeaways

  • Porsche transformed a 919 Le Mans racer into a one-of-a-kind ‘Snowcat.’
  • The 919 Snowcat was created for the F.A.T. Mankei 2023 Porsche celebration.
  • The quirky 919 Snowcat was recently displayed at the 2024 Car//Design Event in Germany.

Ever wondered what happens to racing cars once they’re past their prime? Many are tucked away in garages or museums and seldom see the light of day again. However, Porsche has found a unique way to give one of its old Le Mans racers a new lease on life. This unusual creation, known as the Porsche F.A.T. 919 Snowcat, was on display at the 2024 Car//Design Event in Munich, Germany, earlier this month.

Built for the F.A.T. Mankei 2023 Porsche celebration last year, the 919 has swapped out its sticky tires and ground-hugging stance for tank-like tracks and a lofty ride height, making this the sportiest snowblower we’ve seen yet. Painted in red, the tracks, suspension components, and differentials almost distract from the fact that a Le Mans racer sits on top of these mechanical bits.

A Most Unusual Build

The brainchild of Ferdinand Porsche, the 919 debuted at the Mankei 2023 event, which celebrated the infamous restaurant at the top of the Glockner High Alpine Road Pass. This mountain pass holds a special place in Porsche’s history; Ferry Porsche often used the curvy stretch of tarmac to test the cooling systems of new vehicles.


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“My grandpa [Ferry Porsche] used to test the cars for overheating and so on by driving them up from Gmünd and over the Glockner pass, right past the door here,” said Ferdinand Porsche last year. Because of the weather, the pass is closed for six months every year, so the vehicle was developed as a joke of sorts. “The pass is closed for half of the year, and Christina [restaurant manager of F.A.T. Mankei] wanted something to drive up in and check on the place,” quipped Ferdinand Porsche.

Sure Beats A Cayenne Off-Road

With those tracks, the 919 Snowcat is even more capable off-road than the toughest Cayenne, although it has undoubtedly lost its dynamic prowess. This is one quirky creation, but it’s great to see the Zuffenhausen-based brand have fun with its vehicles and not just stash them away for no one to see.

Before it became the world’s most desirable snowmobile, this 919 was a regular fixture on the endurance racing circle. Powered by a 2.0-liter V4 engine, the powertrain develops a combined output of 900 horsepower thanks to electrical assistance. It will be interesting to see if Porsche retains this configuration or whether the automaker will convert it back to its original condition. Either way, it’s certain to make those who see it smile.

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