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New Ram Truck Shows Off Beadlock Wheels In Teaser Starring Glen Powell

Key Takeaways

  • Ram teases new 1500 pickup ahead of the April 25 reveal.
  • Latest teaser provides a glimpse of rugged exterior styling and beadlock wheels.
  • RHO will likely be powered by a 540-horsepower Hurricane inline-six.

Ram has released another teaser for its upcoming mystery truck, considered to be the temporary replacement for the beloved TRX before an all-new model arrives sometime in the not too distant future. The new video tells us the reveal will take place on April 25, so we don’t have much longer to wait. But what else does the new teaser tell us?

Not wanting to give too much away, Ram has treated us to a very brief look at the front end. In the video, it’s clear to see this new model is based on the Ram 1500, which means it is very likely the high-performance RHO derivative. The front fascia boasts the same headlights applied to the facelifted 1500 lineup, along with black bumpers and integrated fog lamps. A silver paint that has an almost liquid finish is also evident.

What Else Can We See?

Look closely, and you’ll see beadlock wheels. They were offered on the TRX, and now they’re filtering down to another presumably enthusiast-biased Ram 1500 variant. Unfortunately, that’s all we get to see, with Ram telling us, “Sorry. But you’re going to have to wait,” before flashing the “4/25” reveal date on the screen.


TEASED: New Ram Truck To Be Revealed April 25

A new member of the Ram family will be here in just over a week. But what could it be?

What we can be sure of is that the new variant is more than just another trim with some different decals. The latest teaser features the action movie star Glen Powell, with the caption reading, “Glen Powell is about to debut the next true action hero.” To live up to that billing, we imagine some model-specific upgrades beyond beadlock wheels will help set this creation apart from regular Ram 1500 pickups.

What Is The RHO?

When Ram introduced the updated 2025 1500 lineup, the automaker did away with V8 engines. This included the legendary TRX, and, as a result, all we’re left with are six-cylinder engines, which include the turbocharged Hurricane inline-sixes. At this time, we know the RHO will gain motivation from the High Output version of the Hurricane engine, which means we could get as much as 540 horsepower. While that’s significantly less than its V8 predecessor, it’s more than the V6-powered F-150 Raptor.

Previous teasers have shown us a raised ride height, confirming the hint of upgraded suspension made by company CEO Tim Kuniskis. If we had to guess, it looks like the RHO will fall into the middle ground between tomorrow’s TRX and today’s regular 1500. All will be revealed on Thursday, but we’ll keep an eye on Ram’s channels in case anything else is confirmed before then.

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