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Rivian Stops Special Orders For R1T and R1S Until End of Summer

Key Takeaways

  • Rivian is pausing special orders to retool its production facility in Normal, Illinois.
  • Customers will still be able to purchase vehicles on dealer lots.
  • Special ordering is scheduled to resume toward the end of the summer.

Rivian announced that it is temporarily pausing accepting new special orders for the R1T electric truck and R1S electric SUV. The pause is expected to last until late this summer and only affects special orders. If you want one of these electric vehicles right now, you can still buy one, but you’ll be limited to what’s available on dealer lots.

The reason for the hold on special orders is a production pause at the Rivian factory in Normal, Illinois. The company says it’s not because there’s a problem or a glut of inventory to clear. Instead, Rivian is taking a break from production from April 5 to April 30 to retool the facility.


Reducing Production Costs

The goal of the retooling is to reduce production costs. Rivian says it could also improve the overall production rate at the facility by 30 percent. Reducing costs, improving production, and lowering overall inventory in the process seems like a good move as Rivian readies new models for the market.


Electric Crossover Comparison: How The Rivian R2 Stacks Up Against The Tesla Model Y

How does the newcomer Rivian R2 stack up against the best-selling vehicle in the world, the Tesla Model Y?

Last month, it debuted two new vehicles. The first was the smaller and more affordable R2 which is priced at just $45,000. That’s far less than the least expensive R1S, which is $74,900. The second is a crossover called the R3, which it says will come in at an even lower price than the R2.

Rivian R2

The X Factor

There’s also a trademark filing that hints at yet another new vehicle. This time it’s a truck called the R1X, which could be a high performance vehicle. At the R3 reveal, Rivian showed off the R3X as a faster, more rally-focused variant.

If the naming convention follows suit, then the R1X could be the same idea in truck form. Production of this one isn’t confirmed, so there are no details, but a rally-ready Rivian truck would certainly be a fun addition to the brand’s growing lineup.

Rivian R3X

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