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Porsche K1 Three-Row Electric SUV Spied For The First Time

Key Takeaways

  • Porsche’s three-row luxury electric SUV, codenamed K1, spied for the first time
  • Exterior design is expected to be totally unique
  • Expected to adopt 920-volt architecture and novel battery pack design

We’ve known that Porsche has been working on an SUV above the Cayenne since mid-2022 when CEO Oliver Blume announced the ultra-luxury EV during the automaker’s Capital Markets Day, but until today, we haven’t seen even a single prototype testing in public.

Hastily snapped on German roads (test engineers don’t often slow down for our spies’ cameras), the vehicle known internally as K1 has now been captured for the first time, and it appears that we are looking at the production headlights, as the shape of these lighting units is different compared to the Macan, the Panamera, the Cayenne, and the Taycan.

Unique Styling Throughout

As a seven-seat vehicle, this hulking SUV will be considerably longer than any Porsche that has come before. It will also look considerably different. According to Porsche dealers who have already seen the vehicle, “It’s very un-Porsche-like. It has a flat rear design; it’s not anything like the Macan and Cayenne.”


2025 Porsche Taycan Turbo GT Arrives As 1,092-HP Electric Track Slayer

Tesla and Lucid are about to be put on notice.

Others have said it has a “rakish” profile that is “part sedan, part crossover.” Whatever that means – these images seem to depict a fairly conventional SUV, replete with Porsche’s usual full-width LED lightbar. With plenty of the body still heavily camouflaged, we expect the final product to be far prettier with a more resolved design.

920-Volt Architecture

Porsche has said that it would use lessons learned from the Mission R concept in developing the K1 SUV. That car uses a novel 920-volt system, which will mean charging speeds far above what the Taycan offers. It also features a new cell-to-chassis battery layout, potentially offering over 100 kWh of capacity and a WLTP electric driving range of up to 435 miles. This bodes well for long-distance luxury, but Porsche CEO Oliver Blume has also promised that it will be sporty. We’re expecting it to look like a 20% bigger Cayenne Coupe, to charge much faster and go much further than a Taycan, and have the kind of performance to make a future electric Porsche hypercar not seem like such a bad idea.

We’ll bring you more detailed information as it becomes available, but a debut is not expected before 2027.

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