• Lucid is recalling 5,251 vehicles that could lose power while driving.
  • The automaker is aware of at least ten incidents of this occurring.
  • An over-the-air update has already been rolled out to address the issue.

Lucid is recalling 5,251 Air EVs from the 2022 and 2023 model year over a possible loss of power while the vehicle is in motion. This increases the risk of a crash, so the company is addressing the issue with an over-the-air update.

The safety recall report says the Air uses a High Voltage Interlock safety mechanism to protect against high voltage exposure during vehicle assembly, inspection, maintenance, and repair. As part of the effort to keep people safe, the system has a software logic that opens contactors to remove high voltage if any connection point is deemed incomplete.

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While this was originally intended to occur when the vehicle was stationary, the way it was designed enabled the High Voltage Interlock to kick in while driving. This is where the problem lies as the government says “vehicles manufactured prior to Dec. 2022 were susceptible to intermittent hardware connection faults, which could lead the HVIL to open contactors while driving.”

This wasn’t just theoretical as Lucid “observed 10 occurrences of unwarned loss of power while driving.” That’s not good, but the safety recall report noted the 12-volt systems wouldn’t be impacted so drivers would still be able to steer and apply the brakes.

Since this is a software issue, the fix is relatively straightforward as Lucid developed a new logic that prevents the High Voltage Interlock from kicking in when the vehicle is in drive or reverse. The over-the-air update started to roll out on June 24 and owners who don’t update their software will be contacted by email and first-class mail with instructions on how to do so.

 Lucid Recalls Over 5,000 EVs For Loss Of Power While Driving