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Here’s Your Chance to Own a Ex-Hertz Shelby GT500 Rental Car

Back in 2022, Ford and Hertz announced a deal that brought Shelby Mustangs into the rental company’s fleet. Some of those cars were GT500s modified to a positively insane 900 horsepower. That fleet service is coming to an end, at which point the cars will go up for sale. Do you have the guts to buy a 900-hp Mustang rental car?

We don’t yet know how much the used rental Mustangs will cost, nor do we know exactly when the cars will go on sale. Shelby American said in a statement last week the modded Mustangs would be rotated out of the fleet “later this year” without providing additional context. Hertz did not was not immediately available for comment when reached by Motor1. If new details come in, we’ll jump in with an update.

Don’t expect the usual bargain-basement pricing often associated with used rental cars. Shelby Mustangs in any form are coveted by performance fans and collectors, and the Hertz-Shelby legacy dates all the way back to the first-generation pony car of the 1960s. At 900 hp, the latest Hertz Shelby reset the bar as the company’s most powerful rental ever. As such, it’s safe to assume some tire shredding occurred during their rental days. But being specialty vehicles, they were likely maintained better than most rentals … we hope, anyway.

The GT500-H is also extremely rare. Shelby only made 25 examples, and they were only available to rent in six cities across the US. Combined with the power and the pedigree, you have a recipe for sky-high pricing.

It’s worth noting that Shelby also built the GT-H for Hertz. These were available in a few more locations and utilized the stock GT’s 5.0-liter V-8 at 450 horsepower. Those cars are wrapping up fleet service as well, so if you’re keen on scoring a legit Hertz rent-a-racer, this could be a more affordable option.

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