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Forget 911 Porsches – This Ferrari F355 Is The New Restomod Gold Standard

Key Takeaways

  • Evoluto 355 restores Ferrari F355 with modern tech and materials.
  • Focuses on “Peak Analog” experience: 420 horsepower, 2,755lbs, 6-speed manual.
  • Designed by Ian Callum inside and out.
  • 55 bespoke units, debuts at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Ferrari F355 Berlinetta was a magical sports car in its day, and besides the driving experience, it looked spectacular. More importantly, it offered the now-rare combination of a driven rear axle combined with a manual transmission and a naturally aspirated mid-mounted V8 engine. For those who miss this iconic machine, there’s good news: the 355 by Evoluto has been revealed, and it adheres closely to the characteristics that allow its inspiration to hold up so well today. Instead of chasing extreme outputs (who needs over 800 hp, Ferrari 296 GTB?), ludicrous lateral G-force figures, or the most track-capable suspension, this restomod aims to provide the “peak analog” experience, as explained by the man who helped bring it to life after leaving a seven-year tenure as the technical director of GuntherWerks, whose cars we love driving:

“30 years later, we’ve re-engineered [the 355] to OEM standards, utilizing contemporary technology and materials to create a car that comes alive when driven hard. In a world dominated by turbochargers, hybrids, electronic gears, and multi-stage dampers, Evoluto’s Peak Analogue philosophy breathes new life into this classic 355, delivering an engaging driving experience that’s unparalleled today.”

– Amjad Ali, Evoluto Automobili Technical Director.

Completely Revised Mechanicals

Evoluto’s creation now produces 420 hp and reaches its sonorous crescendo at 8,500 rpm. The fact that a torque figure has not been revealed tells us that there isn’t much, but don’t worry, this thing is going to be very light, and who doesn’t want to rev an unassisted V8 all the way to the redline? Thanks to the infusion of carbon fiber in key structural areas – as well as a carbon fiber body – torsional rigidity has been increased by a reported 23%. As this suggests, a donor car is required, and because Evoluto isn’t stupid enough to drop the hallowed name of Maranello’s most sacred automaker in relation to its restomod (Ferrari would probably crush it), the only time that Ferrari is mentioned is when Evoluto says customers must supply their own F355. When done, Evoluto expects the whole car to weigh just 2,755 lbs.

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You’ll note that no acceleration or top speed figures are claimed, and that’s because this car is meant to be pushed for the sake of driving enjoyment, not competition. However, there hasn’t been any skimping on the engine, with engineering carried out by the UK’s DRVN Advanced Engineering. Over 200 new and redesigned engine components were created, including a new version of the innovative quill shaft connecting the transmission and engine. The new design reportedly reduces vibration, while a CNC ported head with larger inlet valves helps the engine inhale better, just as a titanium exhaust with equal-length headers lets it scream. Solid cam lifters and a bespoke inlet cam also support high-rpm excitement. With a reworked six-speed manual gearbox paired with a snickety open-gated shifter, there’s little that would beat this car for engagement, but with too much grip, it could be boring. Thus, Evoluto chose to only go as extreme as Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber measuring 235/35/19 in front and 305/30/19 at the rear. Forged 19-inch wheel reduce unsprung weight.

Callum Styling

Both the interior and exterior have been styled by the legendary Ian Callum, and his design has retained the pop-up headlights of the original classic, now with LED power and a distinctive DRL signature and other texturing details. New mirrors have also been fitted, and the door release mechanisms are flush-fitting. With additional vents and strakes, a more aggressive look is achieved, and the LED taillight rings modernize the whole look. However, it’s still clearly faithful to the Pininfarina design of Maurizio Corbi.


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Inside, the design is again modernized with carbon fiber and aluminum, but the approach is clean and simple. Bucket seats, a simple instrument cluster, and a nearly limitless variety of customization options are touted, but no additional details have been provided. That applies to cost, too, but commissioners can rest assured that each of just 55 units will be fully bespoke in terms of color, finishes, and materials. It makes its debut this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed before flying across the pond to wow the crowds at California’s Monterey Car Week next month.

“During the development of the car, one of the most crucial attributes was maintaining a playful nature. It was essential to have enough grip in reserve to instill confidence when driving at high speeds, while also allowing the ability to break traction and explore the dynamics of the revised chassis in environments suitable for sliding.”

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