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The New BMW 7 Series Has Something No Other Car Has

Key Takeaways

  • BMW is the first automaker to introduce Level 2 and Level 3 self-driving in the same car.
  • It’s initially available in the BMW 7 Series as a €6,000 ($6,500) option.
  • Limited to the German market for now.

BMW has announced today that it is the first automaker in the world to gain approval for a unique combination of Level 2 and Level 3 self-driving systems in the same vehicle. The latest BMW 7 Series is now the first car to receive BMW’s Highway Assistant andBMW Personal Pilot, allowing owners to use both systems.

The Level 2 Highway Assistant feature is already sophisticated. It allows 7 Series customers to take their hands off the wheel for extended periods, provided they pay attention to the prevailing road conditions and can take control of the vehicle when required. The system can assist the driver by making lane changes, overtaking slower-moving traffic, and then slowing the car down to the pre-set speed. Drivers can initiate lane changes by looking at the side mirrors when the vehicle system suggests it.

2024 BMW 7 Series


3.0L Turbo Inline-6 Gas

375 hp

Fuel Economy
25/31 MPG

What Do The Different Driver Assist Systems Do?

BMW Highway Assistant uses several driver aids, such as the Steering and Lane Control Assistant. While impressive, this system is available in several vehicles, including those in the United States. This includes GM vehicles equipped with Super Cruise, Tesla’s Autopilot, and Mercedes’ Drive Pilot.

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The Level 3 driver system means drivers can remove their hands from the wheel and palm off driving duties to the vehicle. In the 7 Series, the BMW Personal Pilot L3 feature can drive the vehicle at speeds of up to 37 mph without requiring the driver to monitor the road. This means that, in slow-moving traffic, the owner can watch TV or catch up on emails. The driver must always be ready to take over driving responsibilities. BMW says combining these two features within one car makes driving more comfortable and relaxing while adding enhanced safety.

BMW 7 Series interior

“We are setting new standards in the automotive industry by combining both technologies in the new BMW 7 Series. In the process, we are underlining our commitment to offering our customers a safe, comfortable and innovative driving experience.”

– Dr. Mihiar Ayoubi, Senior Vice President Driving Experience BMW Group

How Much Does It Cost?

For now, the unique L2 and L3 driver assist packages are part of the Personal Pilot L3 package, which retails for €6,000 ($6,500). Unfortunately, the package is only available in Germany at the moment. BMW notes that vehicles already delivered with the Personal Pilot L3 system will receive the Highway Assistant functions from August 2024.


Mercedes-Benz Becomes First Automaker To Launch Level 3 Autonomous Driving In USA

The Germans beat Tesla to the punch.

While BMW may have been the first automaker to bundle Level 2 and Level 3 self-driving systems in one car, its arch-rival Mercedes-Benz introduced Level 3 autonomous driving in 2022. Initially introduced in Germany, the luxury brand has since received approval to trial the technology in the United States, with approval granted in California and Nevada.

BMW 760i xDrive, front quarter view, black
Via: BMW

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