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Koenigsegg Giving Away A Free Jesko To One Unlucky Customer

Key Takeaways

  • Koenigsegg says the recent Jesko fire was caused by a faulty hydraulic hose.
  • The automaker is now developing new software to detect pressure drops and leaks to prevent potential fires.
  • Owner of the ruined Jesko will receive a replacement vehicle.

Two weeks ago, a brand new Koenigsegg Jesko burnt to a crisp in Greece while participating in the 2024 6to6 Europe Tour. At the time, the automaker said the cause of the fire was unknown, but after an investigation, CEO Christian von Koenigsegg has shared an update regarding the incident.

2023 Koenigsegg Jesko

5.0L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas

1,280 hp

1106 lb-ft

9-Speed Multi-clutch transmission

Rear-Wheel Drive

The disaster-stricken Jesko’s fuel tank, gearbox oil, and engine oil systems were intact after the fire, allowing Koenigsegg engineers to inspect the vehicle. The automaker found that none of these were the source of the fire. Instead, a “streak of hydraulic fluid” was present behind the vehicle. The only system that uses this on the Jesko is the pressurized hydraulic system, which Koenigsegg scrutinized.

The Problem? A Pressurized Hydraulic Hose

“When looking close at the car we also found that a pressurized hydraulic hose was compromised at the rear of the car. This in combination with the streak of hydraulic fluid on the road clearly indicate that this was the cause of the fire,” wrote Mr. von Koenigsegg in a statement shared on Instagram.

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When the fire occurred, Koenigsegg asked all Jesko owners to wait to drive their cars until the problem was identified. The manufacturer will check these hydraulic hoses on all production Jeskos to verify that the component isn’t compromised in any way. Customers won’t have to wait much longer to take their beloved cars out for a drive, as Koenigsegg is already developing a solution.

Koenigsegg Jesko on fire
Drone Views | Zisimos Zizos/YouTube

Here’s How Koenigsegg Will Prevent This From Happening Again

The new software will be able to detect a “pressure drop or leak in less than a second and shut down the hydraulic system immediately, to avoid a fire, even if there ever was a leak again.” The Swedish marque hopes to launch the first version of the software at the end of next week. Vehicles will then be checked and released shortly after the software is uploaded.


Koenigsegg Shatters 4 Acceleration And Speed Records: Your Move Bugatti

The Jesko Absolut broke a record set last year by the Regera and then added a few more for good measure.

As for the owner who lost his Jesko, Koenigsegg said it would replace the vehicle free of charge and thanked the owner for his patience and understanding. “We are also incredibly grateful to the owner of the car in Greece for giving us his continued support and that we will be able to supply him with a new car so he can continue his Koenigsegg journey,” concludes the statement. The Jesko lost in the fire was an exceptional example. With the exclusive Koenigsegg Naked Carbon finish (a $440,000 option) and gold leaf accents, it truly is a loss, but we’re confident Koenigsegg will be able to recreate this exquisite specification.

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