• Fiat published a short teaser on social media, showing the wheel of what could be the new Panda EV.
  • The model looks similar to the Fiat Concept City Car from earlier this year, albeit a lot closer to production.
  • The automaker will introduce a new model on July 11, 2024, coinciding with its 125th anniversary.

Fiat shared a mysterious video teaser in the form of an Instagram story on its official account, which could be hinting at the new generation of the Panda city car.

The short clip is focused on the wheel, featuring a retro four-spoke design and the Fiat logo in the square center cap. We can also see a portion of the fender and the bumper, revealing that the bodywork is yellow, contrasting with the plastic cladding around the boxy wheel arches.

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The teaser looks similar to the Fiat Concept City Car that debuted in February 2024 alongside four other concepts, although the new version appears to be a lot closer to production. Back then, Fiat confirmed that the first model inspired by the retro-futuristic concepts would debut on its 125th anniversary on July 11, 2024.

Judging from earlier announcements, this will most likely be the new Fiat Panda. The fully electric city car will ride on Stellantis’ budget-friendly Smart Car architecture, sharing its underpinnings with the Citroen e-C3. The goal is to rival the Chinese, with an affordable price tag and a focus on practicality. Production is expected to take place in Serbia, unlike the previous generation that is still being produced in Italy.

Fiat recently renamed the outgoing Panda as the Pandina, extending its production run at the Pomigliano factory in Italy at least until 2030. The aging but still popular model will serve as a cheaper ICE-powered alternative to the new Panda EV, despite the fact it was originally introduced back in 2012.

Fiat wants to use the Panda moniker for an extended family of models, likely sharing the same underpinnings. The automaker said they will introduce a new production model every year, although it is not clear which bodystyle will follow the city car. We expect to learn more over the course of the next few weeks, with more Panda-related teasers coming our way until the big reveal.

 Fiat’s Latest Teaser Could Hint At The New Panda EV

The Fiat Concept City Car (left) compared to the new teaser (right).