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Take A Trip Around The World With This Bentley Bentayga Mulliner Lineup

Key Takeaways

  • The new Bentley Bentayga lineup is inspired by global travel experiences with unique customized vehicles for customers.
  • Mulliner distills colors, materials, and patterns from five travel destinations to create bespoke Bentaygas with near-unlimited customization.
  • Each vehicle in the Extraordinary Journeys Collection reflects the style and feel of locations like China, New Zealand, and the UK.

Bentley has created a new line of bespoke Bentaygas inspired by the brand’s Extraordinary Journeys curated global travel experiences. Called the Extraordinary Journeys Collection by Mulliner, the group of vehicles has been created using the five travel experience destinations – the UK, New Mexico, Scandinavia, China, and New Zealand – and each evokes the style, character, and feeling of the individual location.

With this collection we hope to inspire and invite customers to challenge the notion of possible and consider how they may co-create with Mulliner. Whether they unlock the ultimate level of bespoke from taking inspiration from their own travel experiences or from another passion.”

– David Parker, Chief Commercial Officer, Mulliner

The travel series takes customers around the globe with a new calendar of destinations announced yearly, with these five on the docket for 2024. At each destination, you’ll be immersed in the culture and given once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to enjoy the thrill of the Bentley brand in some of the most gorgeous locations worldwide. We imagine getting the opportunity to drive a Continental GT through the Peak District in the UK or a Flying Spur through the Tengri Desert in China would make for an unforgettable experience.

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The goal of Mulliner was to then take these five areas and distill them down to their core traits of colors, materials, patterns, and more, before outfitting Bentayga Azures with tailored palettes. Mulliner has experienced remarkable growth in recent years because it refuses to say no and is willing to take on the most challenging requests with near-unlimited customization. These five models explore this further, and all look to be gorgeous places to enjoy a road trip.

Five Locations, Five Designs

Starting with New Mexico, the vehicle is presented with warm browns and tans, with an Amber over Burnt Oak duo-tone exterior and body-colored wheels. Saddle, Camel, and Coral colors fill out the interior with Copper Stone veneer, to bring you to the ancient rock formations and vivid canyons of the west. Scandinavia is full of gorgeous blues and grays, with Portofino exterior paint and Dark Sapphire wheels. Inside, there’s a Mulliner White main hide, Imperial Blue secondary hide, light blue Stratos accents, and contrast stitching with Slate Stone veneer to bring you to the fjords and remind you of the astounding architecture across the area.


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The brand says 75% of Bentley customer’s opted for personalized options like this last year.

China focuses on serenity and relaxation, with Arabica exterior paint with Pale Brodgar silver wheels, and an interior in linen-colored hide with Burnt Oak, Odyssean tweed accents, Gold Greenstone veneer, and Piano Burnt Oak veneer reminiscent of the northwest of the vast country. New Zealand is offered in White Sand with Pale Brodgar silver wheels, and an interior with Portland main hide and secondary Burnt Oak, along with Highland Hare accents, dark green and bronze contrast stitching, and Jeera Green Stone veneer that represents the awe and tranquility of the country.

Finally, the UK version receives Alpine Green satin paint and Grey satin wheels along with an interior covered in British Racing Green and Cumbrian Green inspired by the gorgeous landscape and the brand’s historic racing tradition. If any of these models are of interest, you can reach out to your local Bentley dealer, and you can also explore the Extraordinary Journeys themselves here.

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