• Spy photographers have snapped the first photos of the upcoming A7 sedan.
  • The model follows in the footsteps of the A7 Avant and could be introduced next year.
  • It will likely be offered with an assortment of hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains.

Spy photographers have caught the A7 Avant on numerous occasions, but they’ve just snagged the first pictures of the upcoming sedan. It will serve as an A6 successor and it’s interesting to note the model appears to be a ‘proper’ sedan rather than a Sportback.

While the jury’s still out, the A4 Sedan is being replaced by the A5 Sportback so it’s surprising that Audi doesn’t appear to be doing the same with the A7. It’s even more unusual when you consider the A7 is currently offered exclusively in Sportback guise – at least outside of China.

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Body style aside, the model follows in the footsteps of its wagon counterpart and features a streamlined design with soft curves as well as flowing surfaces. The front end is dominated by a wide grille, which features a pronounced mesh pattern. It’s flanked by vertical air curtains and sweptback headlights.

Moving further back, we can see minimalist door handles and a familiar greenhouse. The model also sports boomerang-shaped taillights, a dual exhaust system, and a discreet rear spoiler.

SH Proshots

While the A7 appears to be a Sportback from some angles, notably from the rear, the side view suggests this isn’t the case. As you can see, the rear window and trunk are separate and have space in between them.

Audi has been tight-lipped on specifications, but the model is slated to ride on the PPC (Premium Platform Combustion) architecture, which will also be used to underpin the next A5 and Q5. Little else is known about the car at this point, but the automaker is expected to put a greater emphasis on hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants.

 New Audi A7 Prototype Has Us Wondering If It’s A Sedan Or Sportback