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BMW Shows Off M5’s Illuminated Grille Ahead Of Imminent Reveal

Key Takeaways

  • BMW teases the upcoming M5 ahead of its official reveal.
  • The latest teaser showcases an illuminated kidney grille, headlights, and front fascia.
  • Expected to debut with a 700-horsepower-plus V8 engine with plug-in hybrid technology.
  • M5 Touring confirmed for the United States.

BMW M has teased the upcoming M5 on its social media channels, showcasing its illuminated kidney grilles, lighting signature, and aggressive front fascia. Unlike the XM and the recently leaked next-generation X3, the M5 boasts reasonably sized grilles, but passers-by won’t mistake this for an ordinary 5 Series or i5 sedan.

2024 BMW i5



335 hp

Unfortunately, the Instagram teaser doesn’t give away additional information. “Setting the standard for over 30 years…” reads the caption, alluding to the M5’s long history as the ultimate performance sedan. The automaker has yet to say when the newcomer will debut, but rumors suggest the M5 is expected to be revealed later this month, with the longroof Touring model to follow sometime in 2024.

New M5 Reveal Is Around The Corner

We shouldn’t have much longer to wait. “It’s almost reveal time. The next generation BMW M5 is finishing testing and coming soon,” said BMW USA via X. We have a pretty good idea of what the final product will look like. After numerous spy shots and a little teasing, we know the M5 will have a menacing front fascia with a large air intake. The rear-end styling leaked some time ago, but we’re still excited to see the complete package.

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BMW has revealed little of the engine details but has confirmed that the M5 will feature a plug-in hybrid setup that will deliver 43 miles of all-electric range. Output figures are still yet to be officially revealed, but a leak suggests the performance sedan will deliver 718 hp and weigh quite a lot, courtesy of the same engine in the BMW XM, a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 hybrid, something confirmed by BMW M CEO Frank van Meel late last year.

What Can We Expect From The Latest M5?

A leaked curb weight figure of 5,356 lbs is expected. That’s rather chunky and more than 1,000 lbs heftier than the outgoing generation. It remains to be seen whether this affects the handling and driving experience, but we hope not – the M5 is renowned for its balanced dynamics, and messing with that recipe could be catastrophic. That being said, we can’t imagine BMW would allow its preeminent sports sedan to become dull and uninspiring.


Everything Confirmed So Far About The 2025 BMW M5 And M5 Wagon

The all-new BMW M5 is coming to America in both sedan and station wagon forms, and here’s everything we know so far.

The big news, for Americans at least, is the arrival of the M5 Touring. For years, US-based enthusiasts have been denied high-performance wagons. The M3 longroof never made it here, and we still long for an RS 4 Avant. However, BMW has confirmed that the M5 wagon will be heading to the USA. This was confirmed by BMW M CEO Franciscus van Meel earlier this year. We expect the M5 to continue its tradition of class-leading performance. Still, it will face stiff competition from the next-generation E63 AMG, which will ditch its V8 for a six-cylinder with plug-in hybrid technology.

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