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Apple Devices Will Be Banned From Tesla, Says Musk

Musk fears that Apple’s integration of ChatGPT presents a significant risk


by Sam D. Smith

6 hours ago

 Apple Devices Will Be Banned From Tesla, Says Musk

  • The Tesla CEO has threatened to ban all Apple devices from his companies.
  • The statement, made on X, followed news that Apple would integrate ChatGPT into its operating systems.
  • Musk claims that the partnership poses a risk to users’ data.

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference always brings with it big news for fans of the tech giant. This year the updates to iOS were sweeping, with users promised more customization, T9 phonebook dialing, and RCS messaging.

However, arguably, the biggest announcement from the event was how Apple was working on integrating AI into its newest devices, with the reveal of their own repackaged and rebranded “Apple Intelligence.”

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Not everyone was impressed, though — least of all Elon Musk, who took to his social media platform X to express his disappointment. In addition to dropping a few memes about Apple’s latest announcement, he also claimed that he would ban Apple devices from his companies.

Musk has taken issue with the decision to integrate OpenAI’s Chat-GPT software at the OS level. During WWDC 2024, it was revealed that the latest version of Siri would include integration with OpenAI’s ChatGTP chatbot. When a user grants Siri permission, the smart assistant can use ChatGPT to answer complex queries that can’t be processed on the device.

However, Musk implied that this would raise security concerns about users’ data. “Apple has no clue what’s actually going on once they hand your data over to OpenAI,” Musk said. “They’re selling you down the river.” He went on to say that he was concerned about Apple partnering with a third-party AI that Apple “doesn’t understand” and “can’t themselves create.”

On Apple’s part, their announcement said the arrangement that sent data to OpenAI involved several protections for users, including obfuscating user IP addresses and ensuring that no data is stored on OpenAI servers.

Elon Musk was originally a co-founder of Open AI but left the company and later sued, claiming that it had betrayed its original mission of being open-sourced and “developing AGI for the benefit of humanity.” He has also had a public feud with OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, and has also clashed with Apple CEO, Tim Cook in the past.

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