• Many of the world’s most powerful and fastest Skyline GT-Rs call Australia home.
  • During the recent GT-R Festival, the world’s quickest manual R34 GT-R set a new quarter-mile benchmark.
  • Tuners are able to extract upwards of 2,000 hp from Nissan’s famed RB engine.

While classic Nissan Skyline GT-Rs remain a rather rare sight in the U.S., they are far more commonplace in Australia. In fact, the country has a huge GT-R scene thanks to the variety of Skylines Nissan sold in the country new and the ease of importing ones straight from Japan.

In late May, the Sydney Dragway hosted the annual GT-R Festival and some of the country’s finest Nissans came out in force. Extensively modified GT-Rs are common across Australia, but some of the event’s headliners were so powerful and quick they may make you reconsider just what the Godzilla is capable of.

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Without a doubt the craziest GT-R from the event was an R34 GT-R known as ‘RHM.’ The car has been built by B2R Motorsport in Sydney and for the past couple of years, has been re-writing the record books for GT-Rs with manual transmissions. While it originally left the factory with a 2.6-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder, it now rocks a much larger 3.4-liter stroked motor, which has been fully built and is complemented by a massive turbocharger.

The car pumps out more than 1,800 hp at the wheels, a figure beyond that of even a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport with its 8.0-liter quad-turbocharged W16. During the GT-R Festival, the owner of the RHM ran down the quarter-mile in 7.93 seconds, setting a new world record for an R34 GT-R with a manual ‘box. To put that into perspective, the flagship Chiron needs 9.4 seconds to cover the same distance.

The video shows not only the RHM GT-R, but also several other GT-Rs that participated in the event. R32 and R34 generation models are particularly popular Down Under and were out in force, pushing Nissan’s famed RB engine to new levels and showing that even though a car may be 20 years old, it can be tuned and modified to keep up with even the most ballistic multi-million dollar hypercars.