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Only One Thing Could Force Ferrari To Stop Making V12 Engines

Key Takeaways

  • Ferrari will produce V12s as long as legally allowed, according to Ferrari’s Global Marketing Director.
  • The company is committed to keeping the V12 engine naturally aspirated, but hybridization isn’t out of the question.
  • The V12 will become more exclusive due to emissions laws and may survive with synthetic fuel.

Ferrari will produce a V12 as long as the company is legally allowed. Emanuele Carando, Ferrari’s Global Marketing Director, recently spoke with the Australian publication CarExpert about its beloved 12-cylinder engines. He didn’t shy away from questions about whether the Ferrari V12 could meet its end after this generation of vehicles like the gorgeous new 12Cilindri or Purosangue.


Ferrari is an Italian manufacturer of sports cars, supercars, and luxury grand tourers founded by and named after Enzo Ferrari in 1939 – originally as Auto Avio Costruzioni due to legal complications with Alfa Romeo. Ferrari famously only produced roadgoing sports cars as a means of funding its racing exploits, which include multiple F1 World Championships and wins at Le Mans and various other prestigious races. Today, Ferrari is one of the most valuable brand names in the world, limiting production of its highly-sought-after models to maintain desirability, which is in no short supply when they’re powered by some of the world’s most advanced V6, V8, and V12 engines.

1939 (as Auto Avio Costruzioni)

Enzo Ferrari

Maranello, Italy

Owned By
Publically Traded

Current CEO
Benedetto Vigna

“We will produce naturally aspirated V12s until the law [no longer] allows us to,” said Carando. “We hope the law in the future will continue to show opportunities, probably working on new petrol which is more sustainable. We believe it’s important to give to our clients who love this engine, both in the present and probably in the future.”

Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider

Keeping The V12 Pure

There’s a sort of reverence that surrounds a Ferrari V12 not only from the company but also from the customers that own one. The current iteration of the 6.5-liter engine can trace its roots back to the iconic Enzo, and throughout all of those years, the only time it was assisted was in the brand’s first hypercar, the LaFerrari. While Carando admits the brand did consider hybrid power for the 12Cilindri, they ultimately decided against it to keep the GT as pure as possible.

“A naturally aspirated engine with a combination of electric components, according to our feeling, adds weight without really improving the performance so much, especially for this kind of car.” – Emanuele Carando, Director Of Global Marketing, Ferrari

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In addition, turbocharging wasn’t even considered according to comments made by the prancing horse’s Head of Product Development, Gianmaria Fulgenzi. The brand has no desire to consider that option in future models. The Ferrari V12 will be naturally aspirated, or it won’t exist at all.

Ferrari 12Cilindri Tipo V12

The V12 Will Be More Exclusive

While we admire the company’s dedication to the engine, it’s only going to become harder for them to get around the ever-more-stringent emissions laws around the world. What’s most likely going to happen is the engine will be allowed to continue to be sold in highly limited numbers, and only with the use of synthetic fuels past 2035. This means the days of V12 Purosangues are certainly numbered, and it’s unclear how the engine will be used in flagship and future GT models.


LaFerrari Successor Spied Testing Revolutionary Powertrain

What exactly is under that hood?

The Ferrari lineup now consists of V8 and V6 engines in various states of turbocharging and hybridization. It’s believed that the successor to the LaFerrari will utilize a modified turbocharged V6 setup out of the 296 GTB, but reports have continued to be conflicting on that front. The path forward for the engine is unclear, and it’s going to continue to be unclear for some time, but at least we can take solace in the fact Ferrari isn’t approaching these problems lightly.

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