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Skyworth Founder Said EV6 Can “Eliminate Habitual Diarrhea,” Or Did He?

The technology company says that the founder’s remarks regarding the EV6 electric SUV were misrepresented and taken out of context


by Brad Anderson

2 hours ago

 Skyworth Founder Said EV6 Can “Eliminate Habitual Diarrhea,” Or Did He?

  • Skyworth’s founder, Huang Hongsheng, reportedly made some bizarre claims at the Beijing Auto Show, stating the EV6 can cure various ailments and extend lifespan by 30 years.
  • No evidence supports these claims, and Skyworth backpedaled, saying his comments about promoting deep sleep were misinterpreted.
  • The EV6 appears to be a regular electric SUV with various battery options and range.

The founder of Skyworth, a Chinese technology company that manufactures TVs, home electronics, and an electric vehicle named the EV6 (no relation to Kia’s model), allegedly claimed the brand’s SUV has cured him of diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. However, according to the company, his quotes were taken out of context.

The Skyworth Auto EV6 has been in production since 2021, and while it’s sold in select overseas markets, it’s failed to make the same international splash as some other Chinese EVs. In May, the founder of Skyworth, Huang Hongsheng, spoke about the vehicle’s healing properties during the Beijing Auto Show and made some interesting comments.

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“Skyworth cars can relieve high blood pressure, improve immunity, and eliminate habitual diarrhea,” he said. “Since driving Skyworth electric cars, my high blood pressure, diabetes and other problems have been cured,” he claimed according to Chinese media.

Hongsheng’s bizarre comments didn’t end there as he allegedly also said the car can “extend [the driver’s] life by 30 years, allowing each car owner to enjoy a hundred years of life.”

The man behind the Skyworth brand failed to mention how he thinks the EV6 has such incredible healing properties, nor did he show any evidence to back up his audacious claims. He did say that he likes to sleep in the EV6 during his lunch break and believes that it promotes deep sleep.

As reports of the founder’s statements spread like wildfire through Chinese media, the carmaker issued a response. It claimed his comments were taken out of context, suggesting that he said the EV6 promotes deep sleep and that this can help with a variety of ailments.

 Skyworth Founder Said EV6 Can “Eliminate Habitual Diarrhea,” Or Did He?
Skyworth Auto’s marketing of its “health promotion” function

However, even the company’s official website makes some dubious claims about an “Active sleep-promoting technology” that purportedly “improves sub-health status” and “actively promotes entering the deep sleep state, scientifically and accurately measuring the quality of deep sleep”.

The description, translated from Chinese, continues to mention an “ergonomic zero-gravity chair” aimed at alleviating insomnia and significantly enhancing sleep quality, along with “real-time monitoring of life and health indicators (blood pressure, heart rate, etc.), constant alerts, health protection, and living a 100-year life”.

Skyworth Auto’s EV6 I and EV6 II electric SUVs

On the surface, the EV6 seems much like any other electric SUV. The entry-level model was initially powered by a 55 kWh lithium battery but for 2023, this pack was ditched in favor of a 72 kWh battery. A larger 86 kWh pack is also available. All models rock a single electric motor driving the front wheels with 204 hp. The EV has a claimed range of up to 385 miles (620 km).

 Skyworth Founder Said EV6 Can “Eliminate Habitual Diarrhea,” Or Did He?
The automaker’s rebutal of the reports on its Chinese site

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