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Rivian R1T And R1S Getting New YouTube & Google Cast Apps

Key Takeaways

  • Rivian will introduce YouTube and Google Cast to R1 models soon.
  • Owners will be able to stream content using the 15.6-inch central display as an impromptu TV screen.
  • Streaming is automatically paused when the vehicle is placed in drive.

Rivian has announced it will soon introduce YouTube and Google Cast to the R1S and R1T, allowing owners to watch videos on the 15.6-inch center screen display. This adds yet another great feature to the electric truck and SUV. Customers could watch high-definition videos with strong audio quality from cast-enabled apps on their iPhone or Android devices.

This new feature will come in handy in several scenarios. For one, waiting at a public charging station will be more entertaining. It also turns the R1 models into mobile home theaters, adding more creature comforts to the vehicle – a perfect feature for the camping trips that Rivian’s adventurous lifestyle focus always highlights. To use Google Cast, owners must ensure the car is parked and their mobile device is connected to the Rivian Wi-Fi hotspot.

Here’s How It Works

Connecting is as easy as tapping the Google Cast icon, which will connect your phone or tablet to the vehicle. Tap “Rivian” on the screen, and the video will play on the central display with sound. If you prefer to stream content via YouTube, connecting is even easier. All you have to do is open the YouTube tab in the new Video Application available on the display screen, which will allow you to search, browse, and play your favorite videos.

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Rivian says occupants can control the videos via the central display, which means you can play, pause, or skip content via the screen – not your device. A bonus is the ability to text or take calls via your phone without interrupting the video. For occupant safety, content is automatically paused when the vehicle is placed into drive.

The Latest In A Long Line Of Rivian Updates

The automaker constantly introduces updates for its vehicles, aiming to improve the user experience and keep older models feeling fresh. Rivian says it worked closely with YouTube and Google to bring these features to the R1T and R1S. Although not available just yet, Rivian says these features will be introduced to new and existing models via an OTA update shortly.


Rivian’s Q1 2024 Financial Results Are A Mix Of Good And Bad

The automaker delivered more vehicles to customers and is preparing for production of the new R2 SUV, but operating losses totaled $1.484 billion.

Last month, Rivian introduced a new update that rates charging stations in the USA. This means owners know which locations to avoid and which ones to choose. The off-road capability has also been improved by introducing an updated Soft Sand Mode. Interestingly, Rivian used lessons learned from the Rebelle Rally and recalibrated it to use less throttle when pulling off. It also increased maneuverability by expanding the Ride Feel and Ride Height settings. Hopefully, the YouTube and Google Cast functions will be introduced to the upcoming Rivian R2 and R3. We’re particularly hopeful about the latter, as it will be available with a rather nifty rooftop tent and projector.

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