• A 28-year-old USPS employee was pulled over for allegedly racing a Ford Mustang in her mail delivery vehicle.
  • The Mercedes Metris van driven reportedly reached speeds of up to 105 mph (169 km/h).
  • The USPS is investigating the incident, but the driver is said to have received a verbal warning and a speeding ticket.

The United States Postal Service isn’t known for their speed, but one employee was recently pulled over for allegedly racing a Ford Mustang. That’s an unlikely match up, but she eschewed a Grumman LLV for a modern Mercedes Metris.

The incident occurred on April 21st and body camera footage obtained by WTVG shows a deputy from the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office talking to 28-year-old Drew Brown and asking if there was a reason why she was going over 100 mph (161 km/h). Brown responds by saying she “didn’t realize she was going that fast.”

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The deputy then says a Mustang caught his attention, but Brown “blew by him” at around 105 mph (169 km/h). The exact circumstances are unclear, but it sounds like the Mustang was stopped at a light and then sped off. It seems like Brown then passed the Mustang at a high rate of speed before being pulled over by the deputy.

Regardless of what happened, Brown denied knowing the person in the pony car. She reportedly received a verbal warning for racing and was given a $50 fine for a traffic violation.

A USPS spokesperson told the station the incident is “under investigation” but couldn’t comment any further. However, they described Brown as an “employee” so it sounds like she wasn’t fired over the incident.