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The M4 CS Is The Second-Fastest BMW To Ever Lap The Nurburgring

With a lap time of 7:21.989, the only BMW faster than the M4 CS is the M4 CSL

 The M4 CS Is The Second-Fastest BMW To Ever Lap The Nurburgring

  • BMW has released onboard footage of the M4 CS completing a lap of the Nurburgring in 7:21.989.
  • That time makes the M4 CS the second-fastest production BMW ever to round the track.
  • Powered by a 543 hp turbocharged inline-six that sends power to all four wheels, the 2025 M4 CS has an MSRP of $124,675.

BMW didn’t waste any time showing us what the new M4 CS is capable of. Just three days after unveiling the new, all-wheel-drive high-performance coupe, the automaker has released onboard footage of it lapping the Nurburgring in just 7:21.989.

By any measure, that’s an impressive time, and puts the M4 CS roughly on par with the Ferrari 488 GTB. In terms of BMWs, the new coupe is about two seconds faster than its four-door counterpart, the M3 CS, but it remains a step behind the M4 CSL, which managed to complete a lap of the Nurburgring in an impressive 7:15.677 back in 2022.

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The M4 CS is powered by the same 543 hp (405 kW / 550 PS) turbocharged inline-six as the CSL, but that power is sent to all four wheels in the former, instead of exclusively the rear wheels, as in the latter.

In addition, the M4 CSL is focused on reducing weight at all costs, while the new model retains some creature comforts to make it a more livable, but still enormously potent, coupe. For example, the M4 CS has M Carbon bucket seats in the front, but still has the rear bench and retains its sound insulation. That means that it weighs 45 lbs (20 kg) less than the M4 Competition Coupe with xDrive, while the M4 CSL (which eschews the rear seats and the insulation) drops 240 lbs (108 kg).

As is evident in the onboard footage of the lap, despite not being quite as track-focused as the CSL, the M4 CS isn’t exactly track-distracted. Still capable of dizzying speeds at the Nurburgring, the new coupe’s lap time is unlikely to disappoint any potential buyers.

Set to go into production in July, order books will open in May, and prices will start at $124,675 (including a $1,175 destination charge).

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