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Lamborghini Will Sell You a Vinyl Record of its Best-Sounding V-12s

The age-old debate of vinyl versus digital is never-ending. Some people swear the warm, analog sounds of a record are better than a computer-recorded track. Whichever side you’re on, you have to admit a vinyl record of a screaming Revuelto V-12 engine sounds like a pretty cool idea.

Thanks to a collaboration between Lamborghini and Technics, such a record now exists. Feast your eyes on the SL-1200M7B—a new turntable made by Technics and decked out with Lamborghini style. The automaker’s modern Y-themed motif is presented in either red, yellow, or green, and the slipmat wears a bold Lamborghini logo. You’ll also find Lamborghini branding beneath the controls on the right, next to the standard Technics logo.

The special record that comes with each SL-1200M7B is likely of greater interest here. Pressed onto vinyl are V-12 engine sounds from six Lamborghinis, starting in the early days with the 400GT. The Miura’s V-12 is on there, along with the 455-horsepower 5.2-liter twelve-pot from the 25th anniversary Countach. Moving closer the modern era, the Diablo’s 6.0-liter engine adds its tune to the soundtrack. The Murcielago and Revuelto V-12 round out the concert. The record is printed with a stylized version of a Revuelto wheel, and it comes in a special jacket with more Technics and Lamborghini branding.

There’s no word on how much this Lamborghini-themed turntable will cost. The model itself is based on the Technics SL-1200MK7, which retails for approximately $1,100. Add in Lamborghini flair and a record filled with V-12 sounds, and it’s safe to assume the price will be moderately higher than that.

It’s also unclear how many will be made, but this is a limited-run item. Per Lamborghini’s announcement, orders open on May 9 and the turntable will only be offered through the end of June.

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