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Watch the M4 CS Become the Second-Fastest Production BMW at the Nürburgring

The new BMW M4 CS is here, and it’s fast. And it’s not just fast in a straight line. The car can lap the 12.9-mile Norschliefe loop at the Nürburgring in 7 minutes, 21.99 seconds, making it supremely close to being the fastest production BMW at the Green Hell.

That distinction is still held by the BMW M4 CSL, which turned a 7:20.20 lap back in 2022. That’s a 1.79-second difference. Watch the M4 CS lap video below and see if this driver can find two more seconds amid the maze of corners.

The Nordschleife is a very long course, but honestly, we aren’t sure if there’s room for improvement. The crest at Flugplatz could yield a bit more time, but the consequence of pushing even a bit too hard can have catastrophic results. Similarly, the high-speed run into Schwedenkreuz might have a tenth or two. But the car reaches 173 mph before the big left-hander, a positively heroic speed for a street car without a ginormous wing out back.

The corner-carving capability of the M4 CS shines through in the myriad of turns after the famous Karussell. The driver has it right on the limit too—even with a critical eye, we’re hard-pressed to spot areas where some time can be saved. As you’d expect, the top speed for the run comes just past the bridge on the main straight. The BMW is flat out at 186 mph before hard braking into the final corners.

It’s an exciting in-car run that utilizes every bit of the M4’s 543-horsepower twin-turbocharged inline-six, not to mention the CS-specific suspension tuning. Production for the $124,675 coupe begins in July.

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